Expedition mod

TITAN MOVES:Keybinds are set in the GUI.Grab forward - grab in front, left or right depending on cameraGrab baông xã - grab backwards, left or right depending on cameraGrab Nape - grab nape area, left or right depending on cameraSlap - use punk slap, left or right depending on cameraCover nape - protect nape for 1.8-2.5 seconds, costs 75 staminaBite - bite left, forward, or right depending on cameraGAME MODES:All gamemodes are phối in the "trò chơi Settings" tab in the pause menu.Custom Titung Number: Spawn a specified number of titans per round instead of the mặc định amount. Maximum of 50.

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Titan spawn mode - Changes the tichảy spawn rate. Percentages added up cannot exceed 100.Tirã form size mode - changes titan sizes to custom sizes. 1 khổng lồ 3 are typical tichảy sizes, 4 is female default and 20 is colossal mặc định. Size changes outside of normal ranges are only visible khổng lồ people running the gian lận. Minimum size is 0.1 and Maximum kích thước is 50.Tichảy Health Mode - Adds nape health khổng lồ titans, between the minimum và maximum values. Fixed mode will choose a random value for every titung. Scaled mode will scale health based on the titan"s kích thước.Damage Mode - sets minimum damage needed to kill or decrease health of a tirã. Does not apply lớn crawlers.Titung explode mode - Titans explode upon death, killing all players within the specified radius. Maximum value of 100.Disable roông xã throwing - Prsự kiện punks from throwing rocks.Point Mode - first to lớn x points wins.If used with bomb mode, endless respawn is turned on.If used with team mode, the team points are used lớn determine winner.PVPhường bomb mode - All clients running RC thủ thuật will have sầu bombs as special ability.Kill every other human to lớn win. Each kill nets one point, last man standing gets 5 points.Every client must be running RC mod lớn use bombs. May need lớn rechoose/respawn to lớn gain bomb ability.Bombs might lag if there are too many titans; use /mode pt 1 to lớn reduce the # of titans.You can change your bomb stats in the pause thực đơn under "Abilities".Team Mode - sorting mechanism courtesy of InntiPlayer names are colored based on team, & teammates cannot kill one another in bomb mode.Nosort - allows players to choose teams at the cost of one death.

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kích cỡ - moves players around to lớn balance teams based on sizeskill - moves players around lớn balance teams based on skill (haven"t really tested this)If used with bomb mode, the last team standing wins.Unmodded clients are automatically placed under "individuals"Infection mode - Meant for Forest I or City I pvp. X players are chosen lớn be a titung at the beginning of each round.Killing a player will make them respawn as a titung. Unmodded clients can still be chosenas a tichảy at the beginning of the round, but only modded will be able lớn respawn as a titanafter dying. The # of starting titans cannot be greater than the # of players - 1.Friendly Mode - Prohibits the default AHSS/Blade PVP found in City I & Forest I.Sword/AHSS PVP - changes AHSS/Blade PVPhường mechanics based on settings. If team mode, PVP. will sync with cyan/magenta teams. If FFA mode, all players will be able khổng lồ kill one another. Like bomb mode, endless respawn will be enabled with point mode. Does NOT override the map"s pvp policy (will not allow killing on Forest III, Trost, etc), and does not override /friendly.Allow cannons to kill players - Self explanatory. If enabled, cannon balls will also sync with player teams.Custom Titans/Wave - change the number of titans added per wave sầu. Can be a negative sầu number.Maximum Waves - change the waves lớn reach before the game ends.Punks every 5 waves - Punks every 5 waves are disabled by default if using custom spawns. Enable this to override that.Endless Respawn - Respawn all players every x seconds. Minimum of 5 seconds.Kick Eren Titan - Automatically kichồng players who use eren transkhung ability.Allow horses - Spawn horses for every player.Message of the day - custom message.Global Disable Minimap - Disable minimaps for all players.Game modes may be used in conjunction.Minimap:Created by Josh.Set the keybinds for the minimap in the GUI.While holding the "Maximize" key, use the scroll wheel khổng lồ zoom in/out of the map, & arrow keys khổng lồ change the anchor position.Logging in và Custom names:You may phối a custom name instead of logging in, however it cannot be plain-white. The name will automatically be coloredif you vì chưng not specify a hex code.Disclaimer: In order lớn circumvent Unity"s crossdomain policy, your username & password are sent to lớn a VPS thatforwards the request to Feng"s trang web. If you are not comfortable with this, do not log in using this hack.Functions lượt thích registering, change password, forget password are not included. Use the original game if you want to bởi vì any of that.Snapshots:Due khổng lồ Unity"s crosstên miền policy on texture downloading, snapshots will only work with custom skins from IMGUR. If you use any textures on any other host snapshots will instead return a blank image with just your damage. Additionally you will have to lớn restart your game everytime you encounter such a download, so snapshots & custom skins will be compatible mostly only on singleplayer.COMMMANDS:M ONLY-------/restart/kick ID/ban ID/bandanh mục - displays current banned players và their IDs/unban ID/room time # - adds x seconds khổng lồ the clochồng (negative for subtract)/room max # - sets the maximum allowed players in room/revive ID - revive a player by ID/reviveall - revive sầu all players/resetkdall - remix all players" KD ratios/pause - pause the game./unpause - unpause the game.ANY------/kiông chồng ID - calls for a vote kiông chồng if not M (unless M is running this mod)/pm ID - private message someone by ID/resetkd - remix all stats/team 0 - join individuals/team 1 OR /team cyan - join team cyan/team 2 OR /team magenta - join team magenta/rules - danh mục the current gamemodes/fov # - phối your camera"s field of view khổng lồ an integer. Default value is 50.