Attack on titan tribute game rc mod skins

A free & open-source Attachồng on Titan Tribute Game hack that aims lớn provide a safer experience and enticing features!

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A free & open-source Attachồng on Titung Tribute trò chơi hack that aims khổng lồ provide a safer experience & enticing features!

Where can I get/tải về Guardian?

Download "Launcher.exe" and extract it!


This gian lận has everything* RiceCake"s gian lận (RC mod) has, và more.

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Improved protection against abusive sầu users.Improved/Re-colored UIRather than the iconic RC xanh, the UI is a much darker transparent gray.In-game Voice Chat!V to lớn talk, baskslash () lớn open the configuration thực đơn.A boat-load of new settings (Escape key to open the configuration menu):Master ClientEndless TitansCauses new titans to spawn a few seconds after one dies.Infinite Room TimePrevents rooms from expiring, allowing one lớn host indefinitely."OG"/Vanilla Punk MohawksAllows you to toggle between using normal tirã hair (RC), or vibrant mohawks (Feng).Deadly HooksMakes hooks more "realistic" by killing players instead of grappling lớn them.PlayerToggle Double-Tap BurstEnable/disable double-tap to gas burst.Toggle idle animationCauses both blade users khổng lồ use the AHSS idle stance.Toggle between normal and "cross" gas burstChanges your gas burst from the normal poof of gas to lớn two red lines that criss-cross.Toggle visibility of hook arrowsHides the hook indicator arrows that tend lớn fly across your screen violently, they indicate where your double-hook button will attempt to hook.Allow blade trails to lớn activate just by holding down AttackAllows your blade trail to be seen when you"re holding down attaông xã, rather than only once you release.Reel out smoothingMakes scroll-wheel reel-out a viable option again.Change the opathành phố of name(s) of others & yourselfCould improve sầu visibility by allowing nametags khổng lồ be see-through.Custom suicide messageDisplays a custom message in the kill-feed when you press the Suicide/Rephối key.Custom lava death messageDisplays a custom message in the kill-feed when you die lớn lavaSet your own minimum damageAllows you lớn enforce a minimum damage requirement upon yourself, regardless of the room you"re in. It WILL NOT override the current rooms minimum if it is lower than it.ChatCustom join message upon room entryCustom nameCustom chat colorBold and/or Italic nameBold and/or Italic messagePrefix and/or message suffixVisualFPS CameraFirst Person-View (experimental).Nape Meat in MultiplayerAdds nape meat slices into lớn multiplayer (buggy).Change the time display to lớn use a easier-to-read formatToggle the visibility of chat and log backgroundsMiscellaneousToggle Discord Rich Presence (requires an application restart)LoggingToggle visibility of the log in its entiretyToggle specific log message types to lớn show or notNew GamemodesTime-bombKill titans to gain time và stay alive!Last Man StandingThe last player with the most kills wins!New Map OptionsThe City II (The City with 10s Respawn)The City IV (The Forest II, but in The City)The City V (The Forest III, but in The City)Multi-Map (Allows you to lớn change the maps while in a room)Anarchy-Custom Map (Custom Maps but with Anarchy"s racing objects/scripts)Improved/Fixed Functionality"Quickmatch" now actually attempts to lớn put you inkhổng lồ an available room in whichever lobby you have the lowest ping lớn.Notable and/or more Technical Changes

* RC hack has been updated at the time of revising this README, some features such as Thunderspears vì not exist in Guardian (yet).

In-Game Commands

To view the list of available commands & how to lớn use them, type /help in game!

Special Thanks

Fleur/Syal, Esli, Bahaa, và Edz for help testing my anti-abuse code.Akiroshy, Milk, Lillặng, và a multitude of users for giving me motivation to lớn keep the project going.