Cách hack game bằng lucky patcher

NameLucky Patcher
MOD FeaturesN/A
SupportAndroid 4.1+

Download link is deleted at the request of the publisher. Please install the official version on Google Play.

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Lucky Patcher professional software for those who want khổng lồ hack or hachồng game, application on Android. Although there are many features, users bởi not need lớn have the knowledge to lớn use it. You can now tải về the Vietnamese Lucky Patcher officially released by ChelpuS. With the right language and modern interface, you can easily get paid in-game items or advanced functions with this useful tool. Anyone should be surprised by what it brings when installing, samseinfo.com thinks that you are no exception.


1 Download Lucky Patcher APK – Introduction và how to lớn use1.11 Allows installation of applications of unknown origin2 Download Lucky Patcher – Customize the application your way

Bringing the best experience condition, Lucky Patcher helps remove Google Ads ads, un-authenticate… Although it is a bit of a law bypass, it creates huge benefits for everyone. It should have sầu cost you this phầm mềm so you don’t need to lớn. To know how lớn use it, read on, I will reveal what this application does below.


Download Lucky Patcher APK – Introduction & how khổng lồ use

In theory, the software has many features but not all applications interfere. Need khổng lồ pay attention lớn the color notation in the application name, details see the danh mục listed below.

Classification of applications

If you notice, you will immediately see that not all apps have the same color. Before you want to lớn intervene, you should pay attention to lớn avoid errors when Mod.


Green: Registered application, users can patch.Blue: The application contains Google ads.Gold: There are detailed patches in this app.Purple: App in the boot danh mục.Red: You cannot gian lận or patchOrange: System application, encourage not to lớn touch without really understanding.

Menu of patches

You can create edited APK files with various options on the lademo Lucky Patcher. Currently, the entire language is almost supported but I will still tell you its functions.

APK with Multi-patch

Here you can choose what you want khổng lồ change, specifically as follows.

Remove sầu license authenticationRemove sầu Google AdsPatch support for InApp và LVL emulators.APK with permissions và activity has been changed.

APK without verification license

Aulớn modeAulớn mode (reverse)Other patch (Special mode)Automatic mode (Amazon Market): Remove sầu the confirmation license for applications from this source.Automatic mode (Samsung Application): Removes authentication license from Samsung Apps.Removing dependencies: Removing Google Play dependencies và a few other things …

APK without Google Ads

This feature helps users remove sầu ads when used. You don’t have lớn be annoyed with every open application, but be aware that it can sometimes corrupt the software.

APK rebuilt for InApp & LVL emulation

Located in the most used feature when downloading Lucky Patcher. It helps redirect payment for you owning items, items or không tính tiền upgrade features.

APK with changed permissions & activities

You can customize each activity of the selected application. At each activity, there is usually a phản hồi about its function, if you want lớn disable just cliông chồng. But this can also cause errors after rebuilding the application.

Some other features

Accessing the tools section you will immediately see some other functions that Lucky Patcher can bởi. For example, cloning apps, backing up or sharing apps. You can easily send APK files to a frikết thúc thanks lớn this feature.

How khổng lồ use Lucky Patcher

Right now, samseinfo.com will show you a few interesting functions for both games & applications. If you ask why I did not guide the whole? The simple reason is that it is lengthy, I know when downloading Lucky Patcher khổng lồ the computer, what people usually use it. Moreover, the remaining functions are relatively simple.

How khổng lồ install Lucky Patcher

For Android systems, this is a dangerous application, but rest assured because it does not harm the device. To install the tool on your phone you need khổng lồ vì chưng the following.

Allows installation of applications of unknown origin

Go khổng lồ settings> Security> Allow installation of unknown applications.

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Turn off Play ProtectGo khổng lồ Google Play > Select the three dash ibé > Play Protect > Turn off device scanning.


In-phầm mềm purchase (free)

If you play games you often want lớn have exclusive sầu equipment. For applications, we need advanced functionality. However, usually, you need khổng lồ pay a fee in exchange for the above, you will be không lấy phí if you use Lucky Patcher.

xuất hiện the software & select the ứng dụng you want to lớn buy for không tính tiền > Menu of patches.

Select khổng lồ Create Modified APK File.

Cliông xã APK rebuilt for Inapp and LVL emulation.


Clichồng lớn Rebuild The App & wait a few minutes.


Once completed, select go to lớn tệp tin. Continue to lớn choose khổng lồ install, now open the newly patched game/app. Then go to the Shop khổng lồ experience the feature of hacking money in the newly installed application.


Remove sầu Google ads

It’s annoying that every time we use it, we constantly see ads. With just a few simple actions, you can delete all of them.

Select the application you want> Menu patches.

Continue khổng lồ select Create Modified APK File.

Choose APK with Multi-patch.


Tiông xã remove Google Ads > Rebuild The App.


Lucky Patcher’s application location

To access the folder you noticed at the bottom of the screen, select rebuild & install. There are two locations Lucky Patcher will save sầu the APK tệp tin.


Patched application (edit)

All patched software will be saved in Modified folder. There is also a folder with specific names for each software for users lớn track.

Backup application

Backup applications will be saved in the Backup thư mục. If you previously performed a backup and unfortunately now lost it, visit and then reinstall it.

Download Lucky Patcher – Customize the application your way

Although there are many features, anyone can understvà everything on this software immediately. No need for in-depth knowledge about editing apps is still very simple on the Android platsize. Download Lucky Patcher không lấy phí to lớn start patching, great APK editing enough choices for users.