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online game (Hack)
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cutiepatootyHow vị I cheat?

Bạn đang xem: Hack online games with cheat engine

Reputation: 0Joined: 23 Jan 2013Posts: 1
Posted: Wed Jan 23, 2013 8:27 pm Post subject: online game (Hack)
WEll i guess my question would be......reading some of these forums alot of ppl are very rude......so lets give sầu it a go (if) all games are indeed hackable why is it that no one lượt thích to share the info (true Story) is that someone taught every one Right? ok so now my issue is that for days now i ve been searching high and low for a specific hachồng........dont laugh or make joke..... help!!!!!
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Reputation: 4Joined: 02 Jun 2006Posts: 3744Posted: Wed Jan 23, 2013 10:46 pm Post subject:
It"s the internet, some people are rude, some are not. You just need khổng lồ learn to giảm giá with it. There is nothing you can vì. You can"t bởi vì everything with CE, so saying that all the games are hackable is not true.And it appears that this game is an online game? We vị not tư vấn hacking of online games here anymore. Correct me if I"m wrong. Also, for future posts, if you"re looking for a specific cheat, make sure you don"t just post the game, but what you"re actually looking to vì in it.
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Dark Byte
Site Admin

Reputation: 410Joined: 09 May 2003Posts: 23663Location: The netherlandsPosted: Thu Jan 24, 2013 5:17 am Post subject:
Oh, you can talk about online games, you"re just not allowed lớn mention or hint to lớn their names Quote:
all games are indeed hackable
Sure, but not all as easily. for online games for example it will cost a lot of money and time.First you need khổng lồ hire a group of people that are trained in the use of guns & have sầu no problems with breaking the law (Not cheap)Then find out where the hệ thống is located và thiết đặt a proper attackplan. Don"t just run in firing, you might hit the servers or something else importantThen when you successfully gained control over the building the game VPS is located you must obtain access to lớn the server.I recommover bringing a good torturer to extract the login codes from the admin. Now when you"re in find the database or tệp tin where your stats và other information is stored and change it. (Or just give yourself godmode)But not sure how long you"ll be able khổng lồ use those cheats, when you leave they might put bachồng a backup, so see if you can do something against that, like placing a backdoor_________________
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Xem thêm: Game Giải Cứu Bầy Cừu 3 - Game Giải Cứu Bầy Cừu, Game Trí Tuệ

Reputation: 0Joined: 09 Jul 2011Posts: 48Posted: Thu Jan 24, 2013 5:57 am Post subject:
Dark Byte is exactly right, but to make things clearer: what he said is not sarcasm as much as you think.I"ll clarify:Programs such as Cheat Engine are changing the code/values of the game-client (the tệp tin you"re running when you open the game) which is stored in your computer of course.So in single-player games, for example Cheat Engine can change the game so that every time the game would reduce some of your HP, it just won"t vì anything. And that"s the "Godmode" we all know và love.However in online games, there"s another computer involved. That"s the VPS.The VPS stores your HP & detects when your HPhường should be decreased and it reduces it.Now, you want khổng lồ haông chồng the game và change the value? go to the other computer. How? well, since they won"t just let you enter the room, go khổng lồ the servers room, give you credentials và let you modify your tài khoản, you"re probably going to have to lớn break in và vì chưng what Dark Byte said.You can also hack their server but I doubt you could vì chưng it without being some special kind of an expert (và not getting caught is a part of it).We discourage either of those methods, of course. so in conclusion, in online games you can pretty much give sầu up about cheating and hacking.At best you can ask reallyyyyy nice from the administrators or (for some MMO games) contribute somehow and get special access.For single-player games, however, it"s always possible (since all the code is at your machine).About the cheat you want, I know that this community is pretty great and has some really nice people in it, và I"m not even a regular user here!Tell us what cheat it is you want và maybe we could refer you to lớn the right place or tell you if it"s possible or not.
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I post too much

Reputation: 206Joined: 07 Nov 2008Posts: 4438Location: W kraju nad Wisla. UTC+01:00Posted: Thu Jan 24, 2013 12:33 pm Post subject:
This why you can only have sầu wall-hacks và auto-ayên for multi-player FPS games và god-mode isn"t available (unless you are a host or console cheats are enabled). Of course your current HPhường is on your machine too (so you have sầu bloody screen when it"s low), but REAL value is stored on hệ thống.Summary:We don"t have sầu write access in multiplayer games if there"s another computer involved (server). We can only read those values (unfortunately for us, wallhachồng and autoalặng are always possible).Different thing is if your machine hosts game,e.g.: Dead Island, Borderlands2, FEAR3 Coop, Left4Dead & Left4Dead2 (sourcegian lận is better)_________________
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Reputation: 0Joined: 09 Jul 2011Posts: 48Posted: Fri Jan 25, 2013 2:16 am Post subject:
Oh good point mgr.inz.Player.Usually the player"s tốc độ, location and such are hackable.It"s too much processing for the hệ thống to process everything + locations so some things are left for the client"s machine to allow the hệ thống to lớn breathe a bit and reduce lags for all of the players in the hệ thống.Even in WoW you can hack your tốc độ và location.(And that"s a game with a budget, isn"t it?)
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Newbie cheater
Reputation: 0Joined: 28 Oct 2012Posts: 13Posted: Tue Jan 29, 2013 1:45 am Post subject:
You just have lớn think differently when it comes khổng lồ online games.For example, god mode.You might not be able khổng lồ freeze your HP.., since your HPhường isn"t actually stored in the client. But you might be able khổng lồ make your client think that you didn"t get hit, which in return means that the client doesn"t update the hệ thống that you got hit. This is a method I recently used in an online game khổng lồ create a type of "god mode". Obviously it wont work in every online game out there, it widely depends on how that particular game handles monsters và damage.I just wanted khổng lồ point out that even if things are stored VPS side, there may be other ways to lớn get around it to achieve the same results.
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