Don"t starve

I hate lớn ask a stupid question, but, I just started playing Don"t Starve sầu this evening. I know the game saves every time a day passes, but when I die I have sầu not seen any option for restoring that saved progress.

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Why does the game save sầu progress if you can"t restore it? Is that just so you can quit the game & pichồng up cthua trận to lớn where you left off?


Don"t Starve sầu uses the permadeath system commonly seen in traditional rogue-likes such as nethachồng - when your character dies, the save is deleted automatically. Of course, there are ways khổng lồ escape death...

Through the use of Life Giving Amulets, cảm biến Stones or Meat Effigies

... but otherwise death is permanent. The game saves every game day to lớn make sure you don"t thua trận your progress if the game crashes, & also to lớn ensure you can"t cheat by reverting khổng lồ a previous save.


To explain further what Ice is saying, here is how lớn rollbaông chồng to lớn a given backup file:

First, you need khổng lồ locate your saved files.Mines are in Program Files (x86)Steamuserdata31706488219740 emote... but if you go in your steam folder, you can search for survival_1 tệp tin.

Survival_1 is your game in the first game slot, Survival_2 second slot and so on.. saveindex is where the game validates the Survival files when you try khổng lồ load your game.

So, what needs to lớn be done is lớn backup both saveindex và survival files. You can vì chưng it everyday.. once in a while.. whenever you want to lớn be able to lớn rollbaông xã lớn this point.

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Whenever you die, you need to lớn restore both files again. Be careful to backup all your files if you play multiple games at the same time.

Hope this helps!


There is a way to lớn cheat "death." The save sầu tệp tin is located in the Steam folder. It"s kind of comlicated to lớn explain how to find it, but you can google it by typing "don"t starve sầu save sầu game location" in the Search bar and look for one that gives you the best answer. Once you find it you can copy it and change the name of the copied tệp tin to something the game won"t recognize. For example: savegame1(copy).sav, the game will not see that file and will not delete it. Simple.

Although, you may need to lớn copy the original file again since it auto-saves. I recommend doing that when you are finished playing or if you are worried that your character will die. Also, if you die your original tệp tin will be deleted as mentioned above. Just change the name of your copied file by deleting the (copy) part & your game will continue from that point. You will need khổng lồ backup that tệp tin as well, as it will be deleted also if you die & you will be left with no save file. In short, you will need to keep copying the newest save sầu tệp tin.