Tom Lehmann và S& Castle Games would like lớn say "Thank You!" khổng lồ the ten of thousands of enthusiasts who have sầu played Res Arcamãng cầu and its expansion Lux et Tenebrae. So here is a pĐánh Giá of a Place of Power, the Mystical Menagerie, from the next expansion that you may include in your games now. Simply download the files below, print it, trlặng it, and play. If desired, paste it on some cardboard. 

We recommend you use the thiết đặt rule from Lux et Tenebrae that varies the number of Places of Power in play with the number of players.

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Mystical Menagerie fine point: To use the Mystical Menagerie"s second power, you must have sầu cards in your dechồng. If your discard pile, but not your deông chồng, has cards, then you cannot use the Mystical Menagerie"s second power (as you can"t pay its cost) và you bởi not shuffle your disthẻ pile lớn khung a new deông xã.

This Print & Play version is offered for free và is a pnhận xét, not an official release. S& Castle Game may change it prior to including it in a future expansion.

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The Spiel des Jahres is, along with the Cannes Golden Aces, one of the most famous awards in the world of board games. If Res Arcamãng cầu miss the podium this year, it is part of the jury"s các mục of recomendations - Expert category. Still enjoyable!

We are pleased to lớn announce that Res Arcana will be released in Russia and Ukraine during fall 2020 (or earlier?).

This will bring the game lớn eleven languages ​​translated so far!

 We wanted to tell you how happy & proud we are khổng lồ have sầu received the best game from a new publisher award 2019 from The Dice Tower.

This prize means a lot to lớn us as Dice Tower is one of the pillars of the gaming community, a higly trusted reference on the website. And they are cool people too.