Garena blade & soul vietnam

Blade & Soul is heading inkhổng lồ the jungle this fall, as Southeast Asian operator Garemãng cầu agreed to lớn publish the game in Vietnam giới. There’s an official trang web up for the regional version, complete with beta sign-ups & a 12-minute live action movie that may be the most glorious thing you’ll see all day.

Open beta for the Vietnamese Blade và Soul starts on September 2nd, và we might deduce that this will constitute a soft launch for the game if no wipe is scheduled. Whether or not you live in the country, you owe it lớn yourself khổng lồ revel in the film, which involves tattoos, contemporary life, and people’s heads transplanted onlớn đoạn Clip game characters. It’s got spunk, Mickey! It’s a fighter!

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Thankfully any ambition I may have sầu had khổng lồ play B&S has been thoroughly quenched by this.

Thanks for sharing!


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I didn’t think anything could be worse than the Our Time is Now trailer from GW2. I was wrong. So very wrong.

That was pretty awesome until they showed the stuttery gameplay. The movie reminded me of an Asian Secret World. Thanks for the share!

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