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Here you will find all the information about the road lớn Qatar 2022™ as the tournament looms ever closer.

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The Beach Soccer World Cup Russia 2021™ will be the 11th edition of the tournament where 16 nations will compete for the trophy. The competition will take place from 19-29 August at the Luzhniki Olympic Complex in Moscow.

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More on the tournament is working on a wide range of topics from improving the women's game và developing football around the world lớn ensuring better football governance structures.

Organisation Appoints Carlos Cordeiro as Senior Advisor on Global Strategy & Governance

2 Sep 2021

Gianni Infantino’s presidency has focused on bringing wide-ranging reforms to lớn, expanding global participation in’s flagship competitions và boosting’s investment in football development through the Forward Programme.

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Organisation Appoints Carlos Cordeiro as Senior Advisor on Global Strategy and Governance

2 Sep 2021 Beach Soccer World Cup Russia 2021™

President Infantino: It’s time for an incredibly entertaining spectacle

trăng tròn Aug 2021

President President urges "healthier, less discriminatory and more competitive” football in Concacaf speech

The Vision 2020-2023

The Vision 2020-2023 is a pledge not only lớn’s thành viên associations, but lớn everyone who loves football.

Xem thêm: Top 50 Game Nhập Vai Luyện Lv Offline Pc Hay Nhất, Game Nhập Vai Luyện Level Offline Cho Pc Hay exists to govern football & khổng lồ develop the game around the world. Since năm nhâm thìn, the organization has been evolving rapidly to become an organization that can more effectively serve our game for the benefit of the world. is actively working lớn improve sầu the lives of people around the world through the work of Foundation và its Social Responsibility programmes

Pursuing the Goal 7 of The Vision 2020-2023, so far has laid building blocks for further growth through many examples of reinforced governance structures & the development of professionals & systems operating within them. followed parallel pathways in using công nghệ for the benefit of the whole football community in 2020.

As world football’s governing body, is firmly committed khổng lồ the principles of the rule of law, good governance and transparency