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Welcome to lớn the kitten foster care program with MCAS. Every year the shelter takes in between 500 và 800 kittens. These are the shelter’s most at-risk pets as they are the most fragile, prone khổng lồ illness và require the most individualized & consistent care. We rely on our foster families lớn help protect and care for these individuals until they are healthy, social and big enough lớn be altered and placed up for adoption. We ask that our foster families follow the guidelines outlined in this handbook to help make these animals’ experience the best and the safest that it can be. Fostering kittens is a lot of work, but it is also very rewarding & there are hundreds of little lives depending on families lượt thích yours. 

Thank you from the MCAS team for becoming a foster parent!


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Download và print a PDF of the Kitten Foster Handbook (PDF, 19.78 MB)


Table of Contents

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Fostering Process

NotificationPickupFollow-up AppointmentsSurgeryAdoption

The Basics

FeedingCleaning UpLearning About the Litter BoxLife Skills

Setting Up Your Foster Space

Kitten Development Chart

Bottle Baby Kittens

Getting ReadyBottle FeedingSyringe FeedingBurpingEliminationEnvironmentHypoglycemia (Low Blood Sugar)Overall HealthFeeding Tips & Tricks

Weaning Kittens

Mom và Kittens

A Space For MomUnderstanding Her BehaviorsMaternal Neglect

Comtháng Behavior Concerns

Not Using the Litter BoxRough PlayScratching the Furniture

Confident Kitten Program

Set-upHandlingPicking UpMoving Towards AdoptionAre They Ready?

Common Kitten Health Concerns

DiarrheaVomitingUpper Respiratory Infections (URI)FleasEar MitesLiceRingworm


For emergencies between the hours of 8AM và 5:30PMFor emergencies between the hours of 5:30PM và 8AMNot Immediately Concerning - Appropriate khổng lồ monitorEmergency 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I let my foster kittens interact with my personal pets?How much time will I need khổng lồ dedicate khổng lồ fostering kittens?Are you prepared to work with our veterinary team?How long will I be fostering each group of kittens?What are the comtháng reasons that kittens need fostering?What should I bởi if my foster kitten bites someone?What if I want lớn adopt one of my foster kittens?What if one of my friends or family members wants khổng lồ adopt?How bởi I get started?

Additional Resources

Fostering Process


A request for the cats and kittens that are in need of foster will be sent out in an email as the need arises but generally once or twice a week. Interested parties can respond to lớn the gmail or hotline the Foster Coordinator. 

The Foster Coordinator will also maintain a menu of open foster homes to lớn liên hệ directly when a match comes up. Please notify the Foster Coordinator of any particular interest. 


You will make an appointment with the Foster Coordinator to lớn piông chồng up the kittens and notify them of the need for any supplies. Bring your carrier with you and kiểm tra in at the front counter when you arrive sầu. 

You will be asked khổng lồ sign a foster agreement and be provided with paperwork including medical records, medications, a tracking sheet, and any other supplies that you needed. 

Follow-up Appointments

Generally speaking, kittens will need an appointment about every three weeks. We attempt to schedule these at your preceding visit. Please liên hệ Animal Health, at foster-medical-help khổng lồ schedule these appointments.



Your kittens will be ready for their spay or neuter appointment when they are both eight weeks old and at least two pounds. 

Surgery is generally offered Monday through Friday. You will drop off between 7:30 and 8AM và if they are returning to the foster trang chủ, they can be picked up between 4:30 and 5PM the same day. 

Kittens should have sầu their food withdrawn by 6AM the day of surgery to prsự kiện stomach upphối. 


We encourage you khổng lồ network your kittens and find adopters through social truyền thông, friends & family. If you are not able to find an adopter through those methods one of the three following plans should be utilized. 

Kittens may stay after surgery for adoption at MCAS.Kittens may return to the foster parent’s home after surgery and be listed for adoption from there. You will be responsible for showing the kittens khổng lồ potential adopters.Kittens may be transferred khổng lồ another agency or hosted at one of our permanent outreach locations. 

You should notify the Foster Coordinator at least one week prior lớn surgery with the desired adoption plan. Please note that the Foster Coordinator may not be able khổng lồ accommodate all requests. For kittens that will need lớn be listed for adoption, sover the Foster Coordinator a clear photo và a biography for each of your kittens prior lớn their surgery date.