Clash Of Clans

Hello friends, We know that COC (clash of clans) is one of the most popular games which you can play on your android và iPhone devices.

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It is that kind of game that requires mạng internet connectivity. It means you can"t clash of clans on your iPhone & Android phones without a working internet connection.Clash of clans offline APK is a thủ thuật app that is built to play COC games offline on your phones. You can also play it on your BlueStachồng phầm mềm emulator.You can buy any gems và gold without worrying because this ứng dụng will run offline (not on the server).In this guide, I will show a trichồng khổng lồ play COC offline on how khổng lồ delete a group on iPhone, và Android devices (without root). Just follow the below step by step guide.

How to play Clash of Clans offline on Android Without a root (using Lucky Patcher)

As you know, Lucky patcher is one of the most popular applications which is used lớn get không lấy phí coins without spending any amount of penny (free).The most popular use of Lucky patcher is to lớn remove ads, hachồng app-in-purchase. But in this guide, we also use it lớn play the COC game offline on app android without root.

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First of all, tải về and install Lucky Patcher
on your apk device.Then Launch the application.On the dashboard, You will see all the installed applications of your app android phone.Then select "Clash of Clans."Now, a pop-up window will appear that will have sầu some options. Then select "Create a modified APK file."Now you need khổng lồ TAP on “Ađánh nhau rebuilded for inApp And LVL emulation.” Wait until the "Lucky Patcher" rebuild your modified app.Now Uninstall the Clash Of Clans from your app android device.Then navigate khổng lồ SD thẻ > Android > data > com.forpda.lp > com.billing.lp > modified > Clash of clans (or whatever name).Then install this modified app as usual.That"s it.
The very first thing which is you need to lớn bởi is to Jailbreak your iPhone. By using Jailbreak we use clash of clans offline. You can follow this tutorial.Now, Open your device và then add "" source code lớn the Cydia.Now we need a "game value changer tool." Just on tìm kiếm Bar (in Cydia app), type GamePlayer. And then download và install "GamePlayer" on your device.After that, Launch "GamePlayer" và then launch "Clash of Clans" one by one.Now the most important steps, turn on "Airplane Mode." This makes your device offline.Now launch "GamePlayer" và then select "Clash of clans" from the application search menu.<DWORDS value>, Now search for the current gems.Then Go baông chồng to lớn the COC & then buy something using your gems (You no need to lớn worry, because you will not thảm bại your gems).Now If you want more gems, then go baông xã to lớn the "GamePlayer" và search for new gems.Repeat all the steps khổng lồ get more and more gems for your COC game.That"s it. Your Clash of clans became offline.Thanks, I hope that the above sầu step by step guide helped you to play Clash Of Clans (COC) offline on your android device without root & on iPhone.