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Earn to Die 6 is an entertaining game from the Earn to lớn Die Series, which is based on Zombie Apocalypse. The game begins with a cut scene where the player is approaching his car & sees hordes of zombies running towards him. The objective of the game is khổng lồ survive sầu as long as you can in the world full of zombies và the only hope of your survival is your oto.

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The controls are very simple & keyboard based. You can steer the oto by pressing Right or Left arrow keys, the Up key is for acceleration, và Down Key is for brakes. Apart from controls, you also need to lớn be aware about few important things of this game:

Fuel Status: This meter states the amount of fuel available in your car; you can get additional fuel by running over fuel icons.Car Life Status: This meter shows the health of your car, which depletes on collision with barricades & zombies. The Car health can be increased by collecting the wrench icon.Distance Status: Distance status shows the distance to be covered in order to qualify lớn the next màn chơi.

You are awarded game Coins on completion of each cấp độ & you can also collect additional game Coins during your run. The amount of Coins awarded depends of factors such as time survived, distance covered, zombies killed, etc. These Coins can be used to purchase upgrades for your car, and some of these upgrades are mentioned below.

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Car Upgrades: You can tăng cấp the car by installing cool Engine Upgrades, Fuel Tank, Suspension, etc. These upgrades make the car more durable & able khổng lồ sustain damage.Defensive Upgrades: You can also buy defensive upgrades such as Armor, Durability, và Wide Wheels, which increases your oto health và makes it svào enough to survive more zombie attacks and hit points.Offensive Upgrades: Some of the cool offensive sầu upgrades offered by the game are Heavy Bumper, Spike Bumper, Circular Saws, etc. which inflicts more damage on the zombies & also helps in crushing small obstacles.>> Play Earn To Die 6


The game also offers some amazing achievements that are listed below:

Demolition Man: This achievement can be unlocked by destroying all the obstacles on your way.Zombie Bowling: To unloông xã this achievement you need to kill zombies by crushing them against abandoned cars.Clear Day: If you are able to cover a certain distance without crashing into zombies or obstacles you will earn Clear Day achievement.

All these upgrades & achievements can be unlocked up khổng lồ the 3rd cấp độ, which is the maximum permissible cấp độ of tăng cấp và achievement. In order to lớn make the game simpler, you can also use the below mentioned tips and tricks:

Zombies are everywhere so put as much money as you can on installing Defensive sầu upgrades on your oto.Rethành viên, the roads are swamped with zombies và obstacles so focus on Offensive sầu Upgrades as well.Don’t forget; the only means of your survival is your car, so keep it in mint condition by installing car upgrades.

No matter if you play it alone or with your friends, but one thing is for sure that you will enjoy playing the game Earn khổng lồ Die 6 completely.