This game is an awesome horror game for kids because there's no blood, gore, language, drugs/alcohol, or nudity in it, but if you can't handle jumpscares this game isn't for you.

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It really depends on if you lượt thích scary things. Some adults probably couldn't even play this game. If you have sầu a kid who loves scary games this would be a good option since there's nothing inappropriate about it. If Five Nights at Freddy's 2 was rated by the ESRB it would probably be rated E10+ My 8 year old sister và I actually played it once, it's even more fun to play with someone else. You can watch some videos of it on YouTube to also determine if it's ok for your child.
haha, i rethành viên when this came out in 3rd grade. everyone in my class played it & was obsessed with it. ive seen many people say its not for kids (its not), but they still love it lmao. there was even this one guy who brought all his 5 nights at freddy's stuff to lớn school, he had this cool hoodie và would talk khổng lồ me about the lorethere might be some kids that might get scared, but then again the grade 2 & 3 kids were obsessed with it. its also a very fun game, great lore, great mechanics và stuffoverall amazing game, kids love it, just make sure that they dont get really frightened by horror games and jumpscares và theyre in for a great time
This game isn't even scary. Jumpscares are just a cheap way to lớn scare you. I personally lượt thích this game cause of the characters và the mechanics. Im a kid, & I already beat the game.

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Other 11 year olds are just cowards. The characters of the game are lovable and memorable. The mechanics are interesting, since you only have a flashlight and a mask to lớn defend yourself. The mask disguises you as an animatronic so the other robots think your one of them so they wont kill you. However, lớn prevent wearing the mask forever, the developer added a Music Box & made it so that Foxy (The red one in the hallway) doesn't get fooled by the mask. The music box makes you wind it every few seconds khổng lồ prsự kiện your death khổng lồ a puppet. For Foxy, you have to lớn flash your flashlight at hlặng multiple times, scaring him away. Overall, this is a really fun và gameplay balanced horror game. The scares are also good. Man, Toy Freddy staring at me in the office gave me chills. Well, you guys should just download it. Ignore the parents saying that it's "tOo sCaRy fOr mY cHilD" since it's not that scary, but it's still scary enough khổng lồ give you goosebumps. 4 stars.