Since the first Age of Empires game released back in 1997, the game has been comfortably sitting on the throne when it comes to lớn the Real-Time Strategy (RTS) games genre. The game covers the eras from the gritty Stone Age & Iron Age all the way khổng lồ the ruthless age of colonialism in North & South America.

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Age of Empires is all about the players forming their own army, managing resources, building their empire and waging a war against opponents lớn conquer them. The trò chơi allows a player all the freedom to lớn walk their own path và decide how they want khổng lồ conquer the in-game world. The smarter you are, the bigger the threat you become to lớn your foes.If you have been looking lớn get into strategy games or simply are looking for a similar experience to sink your teeth into, then you are the right place. Here is our menu of 15 cool games similar to lớn Age of Empires:

Best Games like Age of Empires

Age of Empires is one of the best real-time strategy games lớn be ever released. After not receiving any love from the developers for quite a while, a new version of Age of Empires was finally unveiled in 2017. After releasing some chơi game footage in 2019, Microsoft announced that the game will release in 2021. The latest Age of Empire trò chơi will cover four different historical ages:Dark AgeFeudal AgeMedieval AgeImperial AgeWhile the age classification is the same as previous version of the games, the developers have ensured that the new trò chơi will start earlier & finish later than Age of Empires 2. Khổng lồ pass the time till this new trò chơi hits the market, kiểm tra out the following excellent Age of Empires alternatives:

1. Age of Mythology

Ensemble Studios, who created Age of Empires decided lớn make a spin-off series based on mythological beliefs. Unlike the Age of Empires, which is based on historical events, this game takes place in Atlantis và it focuses on the famous Greek, Egyptian and Norse myths and legends.Much like the Age of Empires, the formula of building an army, managing resources & conquering the opposing civilizations remains the main focus of the game. The player has khổng lồ choose và play from one of the three civilizations: Greek, Egyptian, & Norse. Each civilization has its own religion and culture. The game lets you choose your major God, based on your chosen empire và as you progress lớn the next age, you unlock minor Gods which grant special abilities lớn the players.Availability: Steam ($29.99)

2. Sid Meier’s: Civilization VI

Civilization is a turn-based strategy trò chơi in which you attempt khổng lồ build an empire lớn stand the chạy thử of time. The game starts with you being a part of a simple nomadic tribe as you build your resources, evolve, and turn into a world dominating superpower.The Civilization series of games has always been one of the toughest strategy games and if you like a challenge, you are definitely going lớn enjoy this one. My love for Civilization VI starts with its graphics & music selection which give this game an extra dimension.When it comes lớn gameplay, prepare your minds lớn be blown away by the depth of strategy involved in this game. The game brings everything to lớn the table, from religion lớn nation building to lớn espionage khổng lồ diplomacy, it’s got everything.The trò chơi allows you khổng lồ build a country that you want to, thanks to hundreds of thousands of choices that you can make. That also makes this game a little bit overwhelming for the beginners. However, if you have time to invest and you love strategy, this is the game that you cannot ignore.

Availability: Amazon ($35.22)

3. Starcraft 2

Starcraft 2 is the second installment in the Starcraft series, a space-focused RTS game developed by Blizzard Entertainment. The trò chơi is set in a 26th-century science fiction universe, where the focus is on a galactic struggle between four different species for total universe domination. The game was split into three parts during development in order lớn tell a complete story.It offers a non-linear gameplay, where the player chooses to play as one of the three species known as Protoss, Terran, & Zerg. The main trò chơi “Wings of Liberty” offers the story of Terran, whereas the two expansion packs offer the stories of Protoss and Zerg.In the game, you assume the total control of your units & are required khổng lồ come up with the best strategies with the given resources in order to lớn survive this inter-galactic war.

Availability: Battle.net (Free to try; $39.99)

4. Rise of Nations

Rise of Nations is developed by Big Huge Games and features 18 civilizations and 8 ages of world history. It is consistently ranked and considered to be one of the best games of all time in the real-time strategy genre.The key element of Rise of Nations’ gameplay is focused on the concept of “territory”. The area near the player’s settlements is considered their territory, and players can construct different buildings only within their territory or their friends’.The aim of the player is khổng lồ progress and advance khổng lồ the most modern age in order lớn gain access khổng lồ better weaponry and attack their opponents more efficiently, lớn either conquer them or wipe them off completely.

Availability: Steam ($19.99)

5. Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances

Command & Conquer is based on the Westwood’s strategy trò chơi called Dune 2. The most important aspect of this series is its focus on the campaigns of various factions in a single central storyline.Command và Conquer: Tiberium Alliances is a military strategy trò chơi with MMO elements. The player gets to lớn choose their sector in the world lớn start in, from there they start khổng lồ build & grow their military base. The trò chơi allows the player lớn construct buildings, gather resources & engage in battles against enemy camps in order lớn survive and flourish.Availability: Origin (Free)

6. Empire Earth

Similar khổng lồ the Age of Empires series, Empire Age is a history-based real-time strategy game. Spanning over 500,000 years of world history, the trò chơi begins from a pre-historic era and ends at the nano age. The trò chơi requires players to gather resources to construct buildings, populate their civilizations with citizens, và conquer opposing civilizations. The game also includes an extensive maps editor for the players to create their empires in whatever kiến thiết they wish to. One of the most unique & innovative systems in the game is the “Morale’ system, which affects individual unit statistics. Another new concept the trò chơi offers is its “Hero” system. Heroes can be built at the town center or capital. There are two types of heroes, Strategist heroes who heal surrounding units và can demoralize enemy units while Warrior heroes give morale khổng lồ surrounding units and have a greater attack power.Availability: GoG ($5.99)

7. Warcraft III – Reforged

Just lượt thích Age of Empires, Warcraft is a trò chơi series which is considered as one of the classics of RTS games. The trò chơi is developed by Blizzard, one of the biggest gaming studios in the world, takes players on a fantasy journey where they can command exquisite creatures the Night Elves, Undead, Orcs, & Humans.Players go through an epic journey where they can choose any faction và build their base, assemble an army, and recruit powerful heroes to lớn lead the charge.The latest trò chơi in the series, Warcraft III – Reforged is available for pre-order right now và will be available to play at the end of the year.The new trò chơi will bring a thorough visual overhaul, a suite of contemporary social và matchmaking features, và more. The best part about pre-purchasing this trò chơi is that players will be able to play older Warcraft III games including “Warcraft III – Reign of Chaos” and “Warcraft III – Frozen Throne” for free. So you have plenty to play before the new game hits the market.Availability: Blizzard ($29.99 for Standard Edition)

8. Empire

Empire is a không tính tiền to play, real-time strategy game with great multiplayer online game elements in it. The title developed by Good trò chơi Studios is set in a medieval age, where the players slowly build their empire from ground up và turns it into a juggernaut that enemy players would think twice before attacking.The aim is khổng lồ build castles, trade with other players, raise an army & conquer your enemies. Keeping a full control over your units, building a position, coming up with the battle techniques & thinking your strategies for combat, is what Empire sets out to accomplish và succeeds at.Availability: GoodGame (Free)

9. The Settlers Online


Developed by BlueBite, The Settlers is a không tính phí to play browser-based real-time strategy game which has a few in-game purchases. The Settlers Online introduces brand new additions and improvements khổng lồ the genre. It features a world where players have to collect resources and complete in-game missions to lớn build their own medieval kingdom where they can capture territories & explore. The trò chơi is inspired by the famous Settlers series but the online realm & MMO elements địa chỉ a whole another layer of depth to the concept. The trò chơi offers lots of nội dung to unlock, tons of levels khổng lồ progress through, various bandit camps lớn obliterate, and interaction with human players in the world, who we can either befriend or wage a war against.Availability: Browser (Free)

10. Bad North


When I saw the trailer for the Bad North for the first time, I was hyped. I mean the game looks drastically different from all the other strategy based games I have played và yet it’s still one of the best real-time strategy games that you can play. At first glance, the games cartoonish graphics và mellow music might fool you, but make no mistake, this is as brutal a trò chơi as they come.The game’s premise is pretty simple. You own an island & you will have to build your army & upgrade your weapons lớn defend that island against the horde of Vikings that are going to lớn attack you.Your defense strategy not only depends on your weapon và army but also on your island’s shape and kích thước as different islands offer a different strategic advantage. The game is really fun to play. While being quite tricky, the trò chơi is not as hard as Age of Empires of Civilization VI which makes this perfect for gamers who want khổng lồ play a strategy trò chơi in short bursts.Availability: Steam ($14.99)

11. Stronghold Crusader 2


Even though the trò chơi follows the same pattern of chơi game as the first Stronghold game, unlike its predecessor, Stronghold Crusader is phối in the Middle East during the Crusades and features new Arabian units.Due khổng lồ the Middle-East setting, farms can only be built on limited oasis grass, which ushers a rivalry among players who fight for the limited amount of farmland & resources. Other than farms, there are other resources lớn gather, like iron ore, quarry, & marshes. These resources are deposited in their reserves and players can either sell or use these resources for a better defense against attacks.

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Availability: Steam ($49.99)

12. Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak

Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak is a prequel khổng lồ the classic Homeworld games which are known for its real-time strategy gameplay. The new games take you lớn the deserts of Kharak where you assemble your army and lead them to victory on the shifting sand.

The trò chơi takes place long before the original Homeworld games, where you and your civilization is trying to survive in a harsh desert environment while fighting the technologically advanced religious fanatics. Being a prequel lớn the popular Homeworld games, it neither feels too different nor too overshadowed by the franchise.The gameplay feels totally fresh as does the storyline. Still, you get a glimpse of the older games here & there giving you a right amount of nostalgia shots. The trò chơi has received praise from critics and players alike & if you want an Age of Empire like RTS game, this is definitely the one lớn get.Availability: Steam ($49.99)

13. 0 A.D.

0 A.D. Is a free, open-source, cross-platform real-time strategy game, which is still under development by Wildfire Games. The trò chơi is set between 500 B.C. And 1 B.C. for the first part, và a planned second part for the years 1 A.D. Khổng lồ 500 A.D

0 A.D. Lets the players build their base và train their army. The trò chơi also features other elements such as combat and technology research. It offers twelve different civilizations, each of the civilization is represented at their best. During the game, the player will not advance through time, but from village phase over town phase to đô thị phase. The phases represent the size of settlements in history. Every phase unlocks new units, buildings, và technologies.Availability: Browser (Free)

14. Tropico 6

Tropico 6 is a nation builder real-time strategy trò chơi where you develop your island from a tribe lớn a powerful empire. The trò chơi starts pretty easy as you can start creating plantations lớn grow crops và then export them khổng lồ earn money which can be then utilized khổng lồ improve your island’s tech.

The game starts you back in the 20th century and you work your way lớn the modern era, all the while developing your island to make it stand against its enemies. What I love about Tropico 6 is that your problems are not just war but also politics & economics. That makes the trò chơi a little more nuanced và more fun lớn play. The trò chơi also brings a multiplayer mode which allows you khổng lồ start building an island with your friends.Availability: Amazon ($49.99)

15. Total War: WARHAMMER II

If you love destruction as much as RTS gameplay than you are going to love “Total War: Warhammer II”. The game brings a breathtaking narrative campaign, mix across the vast continents of Lustria, Ulthuan, Naggaroth, & the Southlands.The game is the second chapter in the trilogy so you will need to lớn play the first game or have a working knowledge of its history khổng lồ enjoy the game even more. You will play as one of the eight legendary lords of four races where your main aim will be lớn develop and lead your army lớn disturb the giant vortex & foil the progress of other races.

Each race has their own benefits và drawbacks and you will have to lớn live with them once you choose one. The game features one of the biggest world maps that you can find in an RTS trò chơi with some of the best-looking aesthetics. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t play this game.Availability: Steam ($59.99)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What game is the most like Age of Empires?

Many games offer a similar RTS mechanics lượt thích the Age of Empire. But if you want khổng lồ go by look và feel, I feel that the Age of Mythology is the most like Age of Empires.

Q. Is there a di động game lượt thích Age of Empires?

There are several games like Age of Empires on smartphone devices. If you have not tried any game, here are few you should tải về and play:

Q. Is Northgard lượt thích Age of Empires?

Northgard is similar lớn the Age of Empires but it has different trò chơi mechanics. First, it features a seasonal campaign. Second và more importantly, it cuts down on the RTS mechanics in favor of the modern definition of RTS. This decision makes the game more accessible. You can try it if you found AOE too involving.

Q. Is Age of Empires free?


Q. Which is the best civilization in Age of Empires 3?

Every civilization in Age of Empires III has its pros & cons. My favorite civilization is the Ottoman because I find it to be the most balanced. That said, it depends on your playing style & strategy. That’s why you will find different players having different preferences.

Try These Games lượt thích Age of Empires (Slightly Modified)

All the games listed above are considered the best strategy games of all time. Each trò chơi offers a unique setting and/or gameplay elements, which makes it quality in its own right. These games have not only contributed to, but also helped revitalize, the Real-Time Strategy genre, which deserves much more love and attention from players. So, if you like Age of Empires, you are surely going lớn love these games.