: to come khổng lồ think or judge : consider deemed it wise khổng lồ go slow those whom she deemed worthy a movie deemed appropriate for all ages

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allow , reckon , Visit the Thesaurus for More

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In the Middle Ages, "demen" was a fateful word. Closely related to "doom," this precursor of deem meant "to act as a judge" or "to sentence, condemn, or decree." These meanings passed to "deem" itself, but we haven"t used "deem" lớn mean "legally condemn" since the early 17th century. Though "deem" is still frequently used in law contexts, today it means "judge" only in a broader sense of "lớn decide (something specified) regarding," as in "the act was deemed unlawful" or "the defendant is deemed lớn have sầu agreed to lớn the contract." Outside of the law, "deem" usually means simply "to consider." Some usage commentators consider "deem" pretentious, but its use is well established in both literary & journalistic contexts. We deem it perfectly acceptable.

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The principal will take whatever action she deems appropriate in this case. I deem it fitting that we mark this solemn occasion with a day of prayer & thanksgiving.
Recent Examples on the Web In that time, bipartisanship acquired a rosy glow: to label a policy bipartisan was to deem it both representative sầu and virtuous, the byhàng hóa of opposing sides compromising their way to lớn the best possible solution. — Nicole Hemmer, CNN, 21 July 2021 Many victims were poor, had disabilities or suffered from untreated psychiatric disorders — traits that led officials khổng lồ deem them unworthy of reproducing. — Washington Post, 9 July 2021 Nhà Trắng press secretary Jen Psaki confirmed that the Biden administration’s purchase could be used khổng lồ inoculate children or serve as booster shots should health regulators deem them necessary. — Jared S. Hopkins, WSJ, 23 July 2021 As a Democrat who has managed to stay afloat in a sea of red, Manchin is an object of tremulous concern among fellow members of the Democratic caucus in the U.S. Senate, who deem hyên essential to lớn their threadbare majority. — Andrew Cockburn, Harper"s Magazine, đôi mươi July 2021 Biden has also pledged lớn donate up to lớn 60 million doses of AstraZeneca’s vaccine, but those doses, also made at the Emergent plant, are not authorized for domestic use and cannot be released until regulators deem them safe. — BostonGlobe.com, 3 June 2021 But those doses, also made at the Emergent plant, are not authorized for domestic use & cannot be released khổng lồ other countries until regulators deem them safe. — Thành Phố New York Times, 3 June 2021 No parking signs will be posted from 5 a.m. to lớn noon, or until police deem it safe for parking. — Suzanne Baker, chicagotribune.com, 8 May 2021 Local fishermen have sầu traditionally ignored them, since locals deem them unappetising. — The Economist, 17 Atruyền thông quảng cáo. 2021

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History & Etymology for deem

Middle English demen, from Old English dēman; akin to lớn Old High German tuomen lớn judge, Old English dōm doom