This Vietnam Mmorpg Is Actually Pretty Good

As mentioned in our previous post, VNG Games started the pre-registration phase for 剑侠情缘R (Jian Xia Qing Yuan R) in Singapore và Malaysia last month.

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A di động version of the classic 剑侠情缘 Web, the game has enhanced the essence of the original title from 18 years ago via several player-forward features. Let us take a look at some of the key features found in 剑侠情缘R, and why it is worth playing over other titles!



Free Trade Between Players

World drop gears are not bound to lớn players, hence they can be traded freely between all players or sold through the auction system. This way, players can earn premium recharge currency as well! Other than direct trade và auction, players can sell these gears via personal stalls too. The goal is lớn recreate the atmosphere of an authentic wuxia world unbound by restrictions!


10 Playable Character Classes

Tied lớn 10 classic wuxia schools found in novels, players can choose lớn play as a class from them, each with quality aesthetics, skills, abilities, và hidden secrets! Some of the most well-known schools include 峨眉 (Er Mei), 少林 (Shaolin), 唐门 (Tang Clan), 武当 (Wudang), và the widely-popular 丐帮 (Beggar Sect)! Players will be spoilt for choice on which classes to play as!


Manipulation Of 5 Elements

In 剑侠情缘R, there is a heavy focus on how players use the 5 elements (Gold, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth) effectively to lớn showcase their full force. Imbued in gears và equipment, players must match and equip them appropriately for powerful bonus stats, effects, và buffs.

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Strategic use of the 5 elements will allow players to conquer the battlefields!

Form Brotherhoods In A Dangerous Era

剑侠情缘R is not just about combat, as replicating the brotherhood found in classic wuxia stories is one of the main goals of the game. Meet new friends và enemies as you progress through the vast & massive world, battle World Bosses together và eventually create guilds with like-minded adventurers, & go on to lớn experience new features together… as a brotherhood!


Relive The Classic Song-Jin Battles (PVP)

The 剑侠情缘 series of games has mostly been about the battle between the tuy nhiên Dynasty và the invading nation of Jin (seen as the barbarian tribes), & it is no different in 剑侠情缘R. In this roleplay mode, players will either be on the side of song or Jin, và take part in an all out massive PVP battle to lớn determine which will rule the lands. An abundance of rewards await the victors, and also those who perform exceptionally well throughout the fight!

Become The Martial Master (PVP)

Similar lớn all the wuxia novels, dramas, và movies, the most powerful members of wulin will gather khổng lồ battle và determine who is at the đứng top of the mountain! In 剑侠情缘R, players can expect not just 1 vs 1, 3 vs 3 team PVP, but also 100-players massive guild wars & the ranked ladder system! Which guilds & players will rise khổng lồ the top? Pre-register for 剑侠情缘R và find out when the game launches in Singapore and Malaysia!

More Features Awaiting Everyone

Players can also expect several co-op PVE modes và dungeons khổng lồ farm for resources and gear, và not forgetting the powerful World Bosses as well found in 剑侠情缘R. There are several methods to obtain new costumes & mounts, và the easiest way right now is lớn pre-register for the game!


Developed By Kingsoft và Published by VNGGames

Kingsoft (via subsidiary Seasun) has developed over 15 successful wuxia & martial arts related RPG titles since 1997 on almost all platforms. The development team has only gotten more skilled in crafting an engaging experience throughout the years, accumulating in 剑侠情缘R!

VNGGames, a subsidiary of VNG Corporation, has over 100 million users in Southeast Asia và has over a decade of experience with games publishing và building communities. 剑侠情缘R is the perfect showpiece for the company as it seeks to expand to more countries in the region!