This may be a biased pichồng on my kết thúc, as I"m a huge người of the Numenera tabletop experience. Monte Cook"s exquisite D&D like game focuses on the weird & unexplainable things that you may see in a fantasy world. While most games in the genre can be heavily combat focused, Numenera chooses instead khổng lồ focus on narrative sầu, rarely ever placing a group into a fight.

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Torment: Tides of Numenera follows this pattern pretty well. While there is a very solid turn-based RPG here, the focus is on the story and the incredible...and strange world that you"ve sầu been thrust into lớn. The player takes control of the character known as the Last Castoff. There is a man in the world, known khổng lồ some as the Changing God, who has the ability khổng lồ leave sầu his toàn thân and create a new one, constantly evading a threat that will eventually go through you khổng lồ find hyên.

If you"re looking for a tense shooter that"ll have sầu your heart racing in no time, look no further than Metro: Last Light. The game picks up where Metro: 2033 left off, following Artyom as he attempts khổng lồ keep the peace in Moscow"s metro system where survivors are holed up. The radiated earth above is home to lớn some powerful mutants lượt thích the detháng (pictured above) which, along with the inhabitable lvà and air on the surface, forces humans underground.

In 2033, Artyom launched a missile strike against telepathic mutants known as Dark Ones, which threatened to lớn wipe out the existing survivors. However, a year later, during the events of Last Light, one Dark One still remained. Artyom, along with a military force known as The Rangers are tasked with tracking down the final Dark One in order lớn wipe out the threat for good.

However, that becomes a little easier said than done when it"s revealed that their target is a child. Soon Artyom begins to question his actions of the previous title as he struggles lớn keep the ones he loves safe, all the while facing off against multiple underground factions & mutants.

Metro: Last Light is a first-person shooter filled with some incredible firearms. However, the real fun in this title comes in the higher difficulty, where ammunition và other supplies become rare commodities, forcing you to lớn make sure every shot you make hits. Throughout most of the game, you"ll be travelling through the dark, or at best dimly lit tunnels while consistently looking over your back for any threats that may be lurking near you.

Metro: Last Light is a great shooter wrapped up in a dismal và pessimistic package, worthy of anyone"s time.

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3. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

If you aren"t aware of the anticipated 2011 title known as Skyrlặng, you must have had a really busy year that year...& all years following it. Bethesdomain authority introduced the province of Skyryên ổn to players nearly eight years ago, thrusting them onkhổng lồ the continent of Tamriel as the lvà is suddenly overtaken by dragons. Since then, the franchise has topped every offline games for PC lists.

Eventually, you find out that you are the Dragonborn, và are able lớn absorb the souls of dragons in order khổng lồ learn powerful spells known as "shouts." With this ability, you are tasked with taking on the almighty Alduin the World-Eater before he can destroy the world.

Skyrim takes place about two centuries after the events of Oblivion and features an incredibly open gameplay experience. By that I mean, you can bởi vì whatever you want whenever you want. Nothing is cut off due to lớn levelling, & you can enter any dungeon or any quest at any moment as long as you have whatever key is necessary to enter them if a key is even necessary.

Whether you choose lớn take on foes up cthảm bại and personal with a sword or hammer, hide baông chồng from plain sight with a poison-tipped bow, or sover all your enemies to lớn kingdom come with the magical powers of the gods, you"ll find combat here that will suit your needs.

The success of TES V: Skyrim has been so overwhelming that it"s become a running joke at this point, with Bethesdomain authority players "afraid" that if they buy another game from the developer, it"ll just be Skyrim in disguise. However, it"s easy lớn see why they would continuously release the game over the years. With updated graphics and smoothed out frame rate, players on any device want khổng lồ have sầu this treasure in their collection.

2. Divinity: Original Sin II

We jump bachồng inkhổng lồ the classic RPG territory for our offline PC games danh mục và taking our number two spot is Divinity: Original Sin II.

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Set in the world of Rivellion, players are more or less just thrust out inlớn the open with a pat on the bachồng & told, "Get out there & find something worth chasing." Sure there"s a story about the Godwoken, the player, setting out on a journey lớn save the world và persecuted sorcerers from the God King và the Voidwoken, who are out to steal the power of those lượt thích the player.

Divinity: Original Sin II offers you the chance to take pre-made characters with quality backstories into lớn the world of Rivellion, or allows you to lớn create your own complex character. You"ll be able khổng lồ recruit three different companions to help you battle your way across the world.

While exploring the game, you"ll be met with all kinds of quests in which the best way khổng lồ solve them is...well...whatever way you see fit. You want lớn try to lớn talk down the giant hulking man holding a bloody axe pháo và a psychotic look in his eyes? Go ahead. You want lớn butcher a noble group of soldiers simply because they"re in your way & you aren"t quite sure how else to progress? Take out your weapon và chop those men và women down.

The point is, there"s no wrong answer here. Divinity: Original Sin II is great because of its incredible replay value. You"ll go through it multiple times và get a completely different experience out of it every single time.

And while this is a list for offline games for PC, that doesn"t mean couch co-op is off the table. Bring a frikết thúc along, who will be able khổng lồ control his own character miễn phí of will, as you come across various encounters and decide which is the best course of action to take.

1. The Witcher III: Wild Hunt

It"s hard khổng lồ not have Geralt"s final run come in at the top of the offline games for PC menu here. The Witcher III: Wild Hunt follows the legendary witcher as he tries to lớn traông chồng down Ciri, the last heir lớn a powerful ancient elvish bloodline with the power to manipulate space & time. Geralternative text helped to train Ciri at the witcher school of Kaer Morhen, và you"ll get to lớn see much of the backstory between the two while searching for her before the Wild Hunt captures her.

The Witcher III, combat wise, is the best out of the entire series. The ARPG tasks you with hunting various monsters throughout the l&, cashing in on bounties along the way. Geralternative text carries two swords with hyên, one steel and one silver. The silver sword is used to lớn take out creatures & monstrosities, while the steel is what you"ll bring out to lớn khuyễn mãi giảm giá with any humans who get in your way.

Along with these, crossbows and bombs, Geralt of Rivia controls five different magical signs which can help get you out of some sticky situations: Aard, Axii, Igni, Yrden & Quen.

Aard is a telekinetic blast sent out from Geralt"s location. This simple technique can be used, not only khổng lồ stun opponents but to blast your way through doors or walls and blow out any fires in the area.

Axii allows you khổng lồ charm the mind of your target. While it"s a great technique to use in combat, temporarily taking someone out of a fight, it"s even more useful when talking khổng lồ NPCs. Sort of a Jedi mind triông chồng, this will allow you lớn both fool others inkhổng lồ believing what you want or giving you the information needed for a quest you may be pursuing.

Igni is essentially Geralt"s fire spell, sending out a wave of flame that lights enemies và surrounding grass abLaser. Yrden slows down enemies in an AoE, và Quen buffs the player with a temporary shield, allowing you to take more damage.

Armed with weapons & magic, you"ll embark on an epic journey that will follow an incredibly twisted fairy tale while engaging with many known beasts throughout folklore that we"ve sầu all grown up with.

The Witcher III: Wild Hunt is not only one of the greademo offline game for PC experiences you"ll find, but one of the greachạy thử video games lớn ever be released. CD Projekt Red"s masterpiece shines so well, all other action RPGs will have lớn be measured against this to lớn see if they pass the kiểm tra.

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