Nokia Lumia 720

The Phone Store is packed with fun & entertainment. Grab your Lumia, navigate to lớn the store, explore và enjoy.

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Some of the nội dung within the Phone store are enjoyed so much that they’ve sầu received tens of thousands of reviews. Here are the ten best-rated Phone games of the moment.


Texas Holdem Poker

Card games have been enjoyed for generations, so it’s unsurprising they’ve sầu made their way onkhổng lồ our smartphone and tablet screens.

In particular, Texas Holdem Poker is still the best-rated game in the Phone store, with an average score of five-out-of-five stars.

Much lượt thích real-world poker, this game pits you against other real players from around the world và also includes a live sầu chat feature.

Play your best h& khổng lồ win money, the game & to top the leaderboard.

Texas Holdem Poker is as real as it gets, as an unknown reviewer shares in his or her five-star review:

“I might as well be in Vegas”



Asphalternative text 8: Airborne

The mô tả tìm kiếm of the ứng dụng says it all, really:

“The best arcade racing game series reaches a new turning point! Perform dynamic, high-tốc độ aerial stunts in an intense driving experience powered by a brand-new physics engine!”

And if you want the word of somebody who’s actually played the game, here’s Alex’s five-star review:

“Best trò chơi ever its so addicting…thanks!! By so far the best game on phone!!”



Piano Tiles – Don’t Tap The White Tile

As the title of the game hints to, at no point should you tap on any Trắng tiles.

Pichồng a genre of music, then the song, & you play the tune using only the blaông chồng tiles that appear on the screen.

It’s harder than it sounds, because every time you hit a right note all the tiles shift down the screen a position.

It’s simple & rather addictive, và happy customer Patricks says:

“It’s a fun way to lớn entertain yourself”. That it is.



Major Mayhem WP

As a modern-day action hero, Major Mayhem’s armed with an assortment of high-powered weaponry.

Use everything at your disposal to lớn battler your way through 3 chiều environments to lớn rescue your kidnapped girlfrikết thúc from the clutches of evil.

Colby gave sầu it a five-star review và had this to say:

“Great game!! So addicted khổng lồ it. Can’t stop won’t stop”



Score! World Goals

Recreate over 1,000 goals from all over the world, including domestic leagues, European cups và International tournaments.

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The gameplay & graphics are so realistic you can almost smell the pitch.

Aaron is one of many happy customers:

“One of the best football games in điện thoại. It’s a must tải về for every người. The graphics are good & smooth. The game is challenging also & requires our attention.”


Phoenix Force

Visual in appearance like a classic arcade game, Phoenix Force sets you on a mission to lớn resurrect the now scorched Earth.

From the ashes rises the Phoenix (that’s you), which must slay all the enemies in its path and defeat the end-of-màn chơi bosses.

Obviously a retro người chơi, Steven leaves this five-star review:

“Same style as the old school game space invaders but better.”


Naruto Coming

Naruto lớn, from the popular Japanese manga series, is here on Phone in this ninja-vs-ninja battleground game.

Train your Ninja to be the best, complete tasks, và challenge bosses.

Winning = rewards.

Here’s what Hannah thinks of Naruto lớn Coming:

“So xinh tươi I love sầu this!!! $$!!!”


Logo Quiz Ninja

Think you know you’re brands?

Showing you a grid of incomplete logos, it’s your job to correctly guess the brvà behind the biểu tượng logo.

This is definitely a family-friendly game, as Michelle points out:

“Awesome. My kids và I play it together.”


Mafia City

City-building games are always good clean fun. However, this city’s built on crime.

Become a tycoon or a crime lord, & own everything – and everyone.

“This game is off the hook”, says one bạn.


Đuổi hình đáp troll

This game is only written in the Vietnamese language.

Guess the word from the four photos presented. Get it right và you move sầu onlớn the next màn chơi.