Games People Play

She says she doesn’t believe in therapy.

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Neither does Charlotte. She says her family believes in exercise instead, which is why her family plays tennis so well. Samantha’s sideways look khổng lồ Miranda in response is hilarious.

Even Stanford has a shrink. Three in fact.

While Carrie’s contemplates her impending head shrink, a really dễ thương guy has begun playing flirty eye games with Miranda across her air shaft. That never happened khổng lồ me in my apartment.

We next see Carrie mid session & the experience is as excruciating as you may think. Carrie’s world is rocked when the shrink tells her she picks the wrong men.


While Carrie & the rest discuss the merits of playing games in the dating pool, they find a bar flooded with straight men. Samantha decides khổng lồ swim in the testosterone. She finds quite the sports fanatic.

Carrie does her trademark musing with her laptop, questioning the role of chơi game in relationships. Which leads to…

Another interview montage!!!

Apparently they aren’t dead yet. If you’ve tracked my blogs on SATC then you know I’ve mentioned these before và claimed that they have been done with. Well… here’s another. It depicts some gameplay tactics “real people” employ.

At Carrie’s second appointment she sees a hot guy as he finishes his session with Doctor G. At her third, she is dressed up & absolutely begging for him to talk to her.

Is that a little game, Carrie?

The guy introduces himself as Seth, but as he is clearly Jon Bon Jovi, we can guess he suffers from multiple personality disorder or something. Carrie quickly sets up a date.

While Carrie và Samantha are catching up, Sam is watching a game. The guy she is seeing is so into sports that if his team loses, then they don’t have sex. When they vì have sex, Samantha alleges it is amazing, so she submits her chance of orgasm lớn the capricious nature of sports.

Miranda once again is making eyes with the guy in the neighboring building. This time he’s in just a towel và wants her to bởi vì a twirl. She obliges and is rewarded with a glimpse of his ass.

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She in turn shows off a boob. She really knows how khổng lồ expedite things.


Meanwhile, Carrie & Jon Bon Seth nói qua Doctor G. Stories. In an effort lớn halt any games, Carrie bluntly expresses her attraction. Seth Jovi reciprocates lượt thích Miranda baring a boob.

Speaking of which, Miranda sees her flirt friend at the store. She lớn decides to lớn be an adult, và when she catches herself playing hide và seek, she bucks up greets him.

Things quickly become horrifying. The guy seems to have no recollection of her. Even her miming of breast baring only brings back a vague recognition. Then he does realize who she is: the girl who lives above the guy he’s been cruising.

Welcome to Mortification City. Your embarrassment (embarbreastment?) destination. Population: Miranda.

Miranda schedules an emergency session with her therapist.

Samantha thinks she may finally be able to lớn have sports-less sex, but turns out there isn’t a sport he doesn’t follow, and his favorite baseball team has been sucking. Samantha decides khổng lồ forfeit this game.

Carrie và Bon Seth are playing Twister. She thinks that their post-Twister sex heralds then over of game time and she decides to get real. She asks Twister champ Seth why he sees a shrink.


He loses interest in women after sleeping with them.

Carrie makes a break through. She truly does pick the wrong guys.

At least Carrie got to rebound with Bon Jovi’s doppelganger. Not a bad way to lớn recover from Big. Will Carrie have more hilarious and tedious dating hijinks cảnh báo that she’s single? Guess we’ve got the rest of season two to find out.

The theme of “games” in this episode is well played… ha. But seriously, the issues explored are pertinent lớn anyone who has ever felt this way while dating. There will always be players out there, but sometimes the hardest thing is realizing that you are one.