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*** Create beautiful rooms for your dolls và their dễ thương pets! ***** vày you enjoy decorating houses và creating amazing house designs? Are you looking for the perfect decoration trò chơi where you can create fantastic dolls dream houses? Our new girly trò chơi is the right choice! Now you can make a modern looking living room or a fancy dining room with ease! Decorate your princess castle with luxurious furniture, flowers, paintings & other doll accessories.** If you enjoy doll games, you will love our new application. Practice your skills và become the best doll house decorator và designer among your friends.

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Download our House kiến thiết Games now & let the magic begin! Enter your new virtual home, pick a room lớn design và the fun can start!* Meet your new friends – đáng yêu dolls & even cuter pets!* Create a doll living room, bedroom, dining room or bathroom – develop whatever trang chủ design plan you want!* Match và mix various dollhouse furniture items and house decorations to lớn create beautiful rooms!* Extremely easy to use: just cảm biến the items và drag them wherever you want.* All this and much more awaits you only in House design Games!*** Become a true professional interior designer! ***** Prepare yourselves for the best house kiến thiết games ever! We created these home games so that you can easily create doll houses và have fun while doing it! Our dollhouse games enable you to use your imagination & become a skilled & successful interior designer. Decorate a girly bedroom with remarkable furniture và accessories or make an elegant và cozy family living room in your princess castle.** Use our House design Games lớn create a modern doll dream house for your princess or a fantastic playhouse. Try out our exciting dollhouse kiến thiết games và see why they are some of the best games right now! Have fun with our new play trang chủ game & decorate your dream trang chủ in the best way possible.*** Meet your cute doll & create a wonderful home for her! ***** Are you looking for creative doll house decorating games? vì you have original ideas for dollhouse designs that would amaze all your friends? Our House thiết kế Games are the perfect choice for you! If you are a doll house fan hâm mộ and want to create glamorous dream-like doll house, these room designing games will definitely meet your expectations.* The game contains certain InApp packages that can be purchased for real money.