Hundreds of sometimes spooky, sometimes cute và usually mischievous Yo-kai secretly inhabit our world. From flaming feline Yo-kai to lớn three-headed bosses, they"re hiding everywhere! Discover these secret tricksters to battle & befrikết thúc them. Then turn them inkhổng lồ a team on your Yo-kai Watch & take down troublemaking Yo-kai to help people in need.
- Yo-Kai Watch A Worthy Pokémon Competitor by Kyle Hilliard

Take the core tenants of Pokétháng and translate them inlớn a different world with a sillier tone và a novel take on combat


Despite some clever creature designs, the overall visual style doesn"t distinguish itself


None of the music or voice acting is grating or obnoxious (which is a danger in games skewed towards younger players), but nothing stands out as being particularly memorable, either


Switching between stylus và button controls is annoying. You can technically piông chồng one control style và stiông xã with it, but playing successfully means switching baông chồng & forth. Separately, field movement & touch-screen controls feel great


Yo-Kai Watch has a great sense of humor, unique combat, và collection hooks that sink in quickly


Moderately high

Yo-kai Watch is a big seller in nhật bản, and it"s easy khổng lồ see why. The Pokémon comparisons are inevitable; you explore an open world collecting creatures (Yo-kai ghosts) khổng lồ build your army, and the Yo-kai are capable of evolution as they gain experience. Yo-kai Watch even has an accompanying anime series which recently started airing in North America. Despite its overlaps with Nintendo"s juggernaut franchise, Yo-kai Watch is far from a rip-off. It"s a well-designed entry in the collectible creature genre that does plenty lớn establish its own identity.

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The titular Yo-kai are ghosts haunting the world unseen by humans. Circumstances allow you to see them where others can"t and recruit them khổng lồ your team, where they help you fight the bad ghosts and retrieve more of the good ones. Exploring a secret world unseen by others and building your small ghost army has a certain charm, và helping them evolve sầu & grow quickly becomes an exciting venture.

Finding the Yo-kai requires active sầu searching on the part of the player. Getting ambushed by Yo-kai is a rare occasion, allowing you to avoid combat if you"re not looking for a fight. I generally find random battles lớn be frustrating, and I am glad to lớn see Yo-kai eschew this comtháng RPG nuisance.

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Collecting the ghosts involves simply fighting them with the crew you have sầu already amassed. You won"t be throwing a Pokéball equivalent; the creatures randomly decide to lớn become your friends after a battle. The likelihood of them joining you can be increased by feeding enemy Yo-kai health items, which opens an interesting retìm kiếm game of figuring out what kind of food each Yo-kai likes and wants lớn eat. I like this style of collection, as it disconnects getting new creatures directly to lớn a specific type of inventory thành công. If you want a specific Yo-kai, your best bet is khổng lồ seek out an area where lots of them hang out and just keep fighting. You miss out on recruiting that rare Yo-kai from time lớn time, but you also get all kinds of others without actively trying or expending inventory, which is a worthy trade-off.

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With your Yo-kai Watch, you can see Yo-kai that are normally invisible hiding everywhere in your town, flying around trees và hiding under vending machines. Many of them are causing trouble in the daily lives of residents of your town! Now you"ll need lớn assemble a team of 6 Yo-kai on your Yo-kai Watch và Điện thoại tư vấn upon them when you need their help. Every Yo-kai has a unique personality và abilities, so it will take strategy khổng lồ form the right team & gain the upper hvà against troublesome Yo-kai. Support your team in real-time battles by initiating Soultimate moves & purifying Yo-kai with quiông chồng touch-based movements.

Features: The Yo-kai Watch gives you the ability to lớn see hidden Yo-kai More than 200 Yo-kai khổng lồ discover và befriend–each with a unique look, personality, & special moves Assemble your team of 6 Yo-kai on your Yo-kai Watch lớn battle troublemaking Yo-kai and solve sầu people"s problems Touch-screen based battle actions–initiate Soultimate moves, purify inspirited Yo-kai friends, và give your Yo-kai food, beverages, and medicine to heal them. Yo-kai battle on their own in real-time battles, but your assistance is crucial khổng lồ their success Choose lớn play as either Nate or Katie