NameAngry Birds Go!
MOD FeaturesUnlimited coins, gems
SupportAndroid 4.1+
Get it onGoogle Play

Angry Birds Go racing game with mischievous Angry Birds. Control Angry Birds behind the wheel to start the race. Not racing on flat roads, here will be bumpy mountain roads. The birds will compete with each other on the traông xã. Find ways lớn overcome each other, creating an endless race. No longer are birds using guns to lớn shoot each other. Now they are brave racers, overcoming all dangers on the road. Sit in the oto & show off professional driving streaks. Angry Birds Go lets you immerse yourself in the steering wheel, surpassing all speeds khổng lồ get past your opponents. Creates a tense race between the characters & surprises happen.

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1 Download Angry Birds Go hack – Race between the Angry Birds

Alone you will race against opponents without a teammate on the side of the support. Focus on driving & be alert khổng lồ your opponents. They find ways to defeat you, even use cheating methods in the fighting. Avoid obstacles & eat coins lớn bring in bonuses. Becoming the champion of the race is not easy either. Going on steep, precarious roads, making it difficult for you. The enemy always pushes you backwards, creating many challenges for you on the traông chồng. Angry Birds Go opens up a competition between birds khổng lồ find the winner of the race.


Download Angry Birds Go gian lận – Race between the Angry Birds

Angry Birds Go opens the fierce race of the Angry Birds. Not terrible shootings, but now they will enter the race. The screw at full tốc độ, sit in the cockpit and persize lượt thích the best drivers. Beware of the dangerous tracks, the collision on the traông xã. It takes driving skills, intelligent handling on the road. Do not let the enemy trap & be defeated by them. Race with many other formidable opponents, you must pay attention lớn them. Find out the moves that cause them to lớn get in the way so they can’t get past you. Start with Angry Birds Go on the track with many opponents.


How khổng lồ play

Control the birds on the traông xã using the arrow keys. Tilt the oto to lớn move sầu it in the direction you want. The traông chồng is also a major hindrance khổng lồ the race. Many steep slopes, just losing the steering wheel will lead your car khổng lồ fall off the cliff. Watch out for your opponents because they can push you away from the race at any time. Many unexpected things happen that make you unable to lớn keep up. Attractive sầu gameplay takes you to lớn the race full of smoke và fire. Despite all the tốc độ, make the enemy overwhelmed by the excellent steering moves. Performing lượt thích a real racer, conquering all terrains.

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Not only conquer the traông xã but also push the enemy behind. The game also provides a number of requirements for you to make. Collect fruits, coins, find a way lớn finish in a specified time. You need khổng lồ have sầu your own strategy to overcome. Each level up will bring more challenges và more difficult. This also makes the dramatic và unpredictable of the game. Makes players more determined lớn defeat opponents, trying to lớn finish faschạy thử. Well, complete the missions of the game lớn bring valuable rewards.


Customize your vehicle

Angry Birds Go’s vehicle system is very diverse for you to choose from. The cars accompany you on every traông xã. Car upgrading is also essential to ensure the quality of the trachồng. Can upgrade the oto according khổng lồ Top Speed ​​(speed), Acceleration (acceleration), Handling (ability to handle), Strength (strength). Select the right stats & upgrade to avoid wasting money. Make your car more modern, with you away from the opponent. With your oto set many records. Despite all the dangers, the opponent’s rivalry for victory.


Angry Birds Go lets you drive sầu, regardless of other racers. For you to lớn experience the race full of bumpy, difficult. Master the tốc độ & fight hard to eliminate many enemies. The game will definitely give you a lot of skills and driving experience. Download Angry Birds Go with the birds set many records on every track.