Gta: Vice City

Fans of the world-famous criminal adventure-action trò chơi franchise will finally have access khổng lồ the amazing PC game that’ve made its name well-known among the gamers community. GTA Vice City is back, and this time it’s coming khổng lồ the sản phẩm điện thoại devices with the release of a version of the game on the apk platform. Find yourself having fun playing the epic criminal live on the go with this game.

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Become a mob and start exploring a new town as you dive into this epic criminal simulation experience. Feel không tính tiền to bởi whatever you want in this large city, from robbing, killing, lớn even taking down an entire gang. Fight your way out as you try to avoid the police’s chases. Get involved in plenty of underground businesses for criminals & gather the power lớn become the biggest mafia in the city.

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In the game, players will find themselves playing as Tommy, a former criminal who’ve gotten himself in a variety of illegal actions from dealing drugs, killing, to even ngân hàng robbery. After being ambushed by an unknown third-party during a secret drug exchange, he finds himself in series trouble with his quái thú urging him lớn get the money back.

Playing as the cunning and daring criminals, players will find themselves exploring many aspects of this seemingly peaceful city. Discover its darkest sides as you start getting involved in many illegal criminal activities. Build your connections in the city as you slowly unveil the secrets behind his ambush. Consolidate your powers in the city’s underground world as you begin to live the criminal life.

Feel miễn phí to explore the massive thành phố with plenty of available features and aspects lớn explore. Get involved in plenty of outlaw activities, from robbing và killing people, hitting the police, to starting a mass shootout in the middle of the street. Take on the polices & even the army as you make uses of your incredible weapon arsenals.

Finish the trò chơi as you become the most powerful mob in the city.



Here you’ll find all the amazing features that the game has to offer:

Enjoy the intuitive controls on your smartphone devices

To start with, despite being port version from the original game, GTA Vice thành phố still manages lớn deliver a refreshing and tailored game play on your di động devices. With the intuitive control features, gamers will find themselves enjoying the game to the fullest.

That being said, you’ll have access to the smooth và satisfying cảm biến controls which enable quick and easy actions. Moreover, with the fully customizable cảm biến controls, you can quickly change the interfaces to make them more precise & comfortable.

And khổng lồ allow gamers lớn have accurate shots with the difficult aim capabilities you have on your cảm ứng screen, the trò chơi also features the useful aim assist, which allows gamers khổng lồ perform more accurate shoots without putting too much effort. Hence, you’re allowed khổng lồ put your minds on other aspects.

Lastly, for those who’re more interested in using a cảm biến control, you can also connect your apk devices lớn an external controller using MoGa Wireless game Controller feature. Enjoy the console-like experiences right on your thiết bị di động devices.

Explore the entire GTA Vice thành phố with plenty of discoverable features

Moreover, gamers in GTA Vice thành phố will have their chances lớn explore the awesome thành phố as you get involved in plenty of illegal activities as well as learning khổng lồ build up your own ultimate criminal empire.

Start by taking on plenty of exciting missions from the main campaigns và hundreds of exciting side missions. Find yourself slowly consolidate your own powers in Vice đô thị after hundreds of gaming powers. Or have fun playing the racing or fight challenges.

Discover many of underground criminal activities that you never know would exist, from assassinating a certain individual, scaring the judges lớn affect their decisions in the court, or participate in awesome combats to win the matchups. Enjoy the game for hours on end as you begin khổng lồ build up your criminal empire.

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Encounter some of the toughest faces in the city

And like many different titles from the city, gamers will find themselves enjoying a captivating storyline featuring unique & interesting characters. Encounter many powerful và devious individuals as you begin your domination of the thành phố together. But be careful since you’ll never know what would happen if some of them decided to lớn stab you in the back, especially when you’ve had a good taste of this feeling before.

Pick up powerful weapons và gears to lớn assist you

To get further assistance during your epic missions, gamers in GTA Vice city are also allowed to pick up multiple weapons & gears with varied powers. That being said, you can get yourself really neat guns that could make your assassinate or shootout missions a lot more interesting. In fact, you can even wreck the entire đô thị for no reason using your incredible arsenal.

Feel không tính tiền to vì chưng all kinds of criminal actions on the streets

Moreover, the game also allows gamers lớn enjoy the trò chơi as không tính tiền and liberated as you want. That being said, you can freely roam the street & doing all kinds of random stuffs, for beating up and robbing pedestrians to lớn forcing others out of their vehicles. Drive around the đô thị as you cause all kinds of chaos or perform incredible flying stunts.

And since you’re going lớn be a mob, you might want to lớn dress up like a mob, too. Feel không tính tiền to get to lớn any of the different clothes or tailor shops around city. Put on your character’s new costumes và interesting accessories. Dress him up in awesome clothes as you take on your epic missions. On đứng đầu of that, you can try to lớn be the anh hùng sometimes by helping the police fighting criminals & more, which introduces a whole dynamic in-game environment.


Plenty of different vehicles khổng lồ enjoy riding

In this vast city, you’ll find yourself having access to lớn a variety of different vehicles that always appears on the street. Just walk or run next lớn any of the cars that caught your eyes và literally thrown out the drivers to get yourself a new car. Feel không tính tiền to drive on the massive city as you discover more gameplay.

Enjoy unique gameplay whenever you want to lớn relax

And while you’re driving in your cars there will also be plenty of interesting game play that you can try và enjoy. Feel không tính phí to hop on different types of special transportations such as busses, taxis, ambulances, or even police cars while picking up varied activities.

To start with you can give people a ride and receive their money for arriving at certain locations. Get on the ambulance and help transporting injured people khổng lồ the hospital. Or even become a cop và roam the streets khổng lồ put down the dangerous criminals. It’s always a good thing for you khổng lồ try this healthy lifestyle.


Play the game in your preferred languages

And for those who’re not familiar with English-speaking gameplay, you can still enjoy the game in your preferred languages. With plenty of available options including French, Italian, Chinese, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Russian, & more, you’ll certainly have your good times playing this game. In addition, well-localized contents also enable more interesting & immersive gameplay.

Have the game for completely unlocked and không tính phí from our website

Since the trò chơi is currently listed on the Google Play Store as a paid version, you’ll have lớn pay a certain amount of money to lớn have it installed on your di động devices. Hence, for those who couldn’t afford, you might want to lớn take a look at our modified version of the game instead.

With our Grand Theft Auto: Vice đô thị Mod APK, you’ll have the trò chơi completely unlocked with không tính phí gameplay và enjoyable hacks. Enable plenty of useful mods with unlimited money, ammo, và no reload, which would make you the literal god of this city.

Visual và sound quality


Featuring polished & tailored visual experiences, GTA Vice thành phố introduces android gamers lớn the incredible visual experiences that even top the original. Find yourself picking incredible chơi game while enjoying the dynamic and realistic in-game physics. With beautiful environments, stunning cars, và redesigned characters, the trò chơi is certainly a great title to enjoy on your thiết bị di động devices.

Moreover, with the adjustable graphics, you’ll be able lớn make plenty of changes to the visual elements in the game. Therefore, optimizing the settings to lớn ensure the most immersive và satisfying experiences. Not khổng lồ mention that, for low-end devices, you can easily tune down the graphics quality to ensure the most immersive experiences.


Find yourself totally caught in the epic actions in the trò chơi with incredible sound experiences. Enjoy realistic & responsive explosions, gunfights, and car crashes as you take on multiple activities in the game. Not lớn mention the interesting conversations filled with quality jokes and trash talks in the game. They’ll definitely give you a better insight into the underground criminal worlds back in the 80s.

How khổng lồ Install Grand Theft Auto: Vice City android with OBB data file

APK install it on your device, bởi NOT mở cửa app.Extract the OBB file to /SDCARD/Android/obb/com.rockstargames.gtavc. Ensure that the OBB file ( sits within the com.rockstargames.gtavc folder.Start the trò chơi again. Enjoy!

Download Grand Theft Auto: Vice city Mod latest 1.09 game android APK

Fans of the similar gangster games such as Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas or Gangstar Vegas will certainly enjoy themselves in this new release of the all-time favorite GTA: Vice thành phố on the di động platform. & most importantly, you’ll won’t be disappointed with our brilliant mods. Feel free to download the game for không lấy phí and learn your way lớn become the absolute mob in the city.