Share Your Steam Games With Friends And Family

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If you"re using a Mac, the "Steam" button will be in the thực đơn bar at the top of your screen. Ross James/Business Insider

3. Select "Family" from the settings menu. Here Steam will show you what other users have sầu logged inkhổng lồ Steam on the same computer.

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4. Chechồng the box that reads "Allow Library Sharing on this computer," và check the users you"d lượt thích to lớn nói qua with. Both users need to lớn agree lớn this, và you can deauthorize accounts from this same thực đơn. Once you"ve done this, you can tóm tắt a game library with anyone who uses that computer.


You can deauthorize accounts from accessing your game library by unchecking the box at any time. Ross James/Business Insider

It"s also possible to chia sẻ a library between different computers, meaning that you can chia sẻ a game with someone halfway across the world. However, still only one person will be able to play at a time from a shared library.

1. On your computer, log inkhổng lồ the account that you want to lớn giới thiệu games from.

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2. Once you"ve logged in, log out and bachồng inkhổng lồ your own trương mục.

3. Once again, go inkhổng lồ your Family settings & check the box that reads "Allow Library Sharing on this computer."

4. Steam will acknowledge that the other trương mục has been used on your computer, & make it available for family sharing, giving you access to its game library.

Whoever you"re sharing with can then log into lớn your trương mục on their computer and vày the same thing, meaning they"ll have sầu access lớn your game library as well. You can do this on up khổng lồ 10 different computers.

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