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Do you rethành viên growing up with a dollhouse & all the hours you’d pretend play with dolls & their home? Kids love to play games và create fun life stories.

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The My Town Home Dollhouse game is the perfect pretend role play game for kids và children. With a digital house they can Điện thoại tư vấn trang chủ kids can interact & play with just about anything in it. This is a digital dollhouse with lots of rooms và fun characters just waiting for kids to role play with.My Town : trang chủ Dollhouse is a kids pretover role play game! It is your NEW digital dollhouse where everything is interactive và fun to play. In My Town, one of the best role play games, hours of digital adventures are ahead every time you open up the My Town app và enter the world. Kids can interact & role play with almost every digital tác phẩm they see in the My Town trang chủ world và create their life story. Live through the day in the miga city town with your different characters.

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In the My Town game, they can then go into lớn the kitchen và treat themselves khổng lồ their favorite breakfast! Children can use their creativity & imagination in so many different ways as they pretkết thúc role play in the family game & explore the 6 digital rooms of the miga city town dollhouse.The only limit in My Town is your imagination! Pretend role play any life story in the digital house with the amazing dollhouse game! The game is perfect for 6 year olds.FEATURES *6 detailed digital rooms in the house including a living room, kitchen, parents room, little kids room with fun outfits khổng lồ dress up in, bathroom và baông chồng yard - a complete play trang chủ và house for a family! *Many family characters lớn play with in the house, including a mom, pepi dad & six kids aged 6 khổng lồ 12.*Pure open ended play và fun in the house of the My Town game world without găng. Create your own little life story in the city!What Type of role play can kids have in the dollhouse home game world? The My Town : Home Dollhouse game has all the rooms a real world house in any city has for hours of fun role play! Little Kids & children can Role Play, write their life story và have fun dress up games where they role play. Kids could also have cooking games where they pretend to have a family breakfast or dinner. Very much like a real doll house, kids role play their life story at home.RECOMMENDED AGE GROUPKids 4-12: My Town games are safe to play for hours even when parents are out of the room, not at home page, not in the house or đô thị.ABOUT MY TOWNThe My Town Games studio designs digital dollhouse games that promote creativity và open ended play for your children all over the world. Loved by children & parents alượt thích, My Town games introduce environments và experiences for hours of imaginative play. The company has offices all around the world where games lượt thích My Town are created for children to play và create their own life story. For more information, please visit www.my-town.com