Love Is A Losing Game

In the haunting ballad “Love sầu Is a Losing trò chơi,” Winehouse reflects over her painful moments of loneliness & confusion, as well as her inability to rewrite history & change… Read More 

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For you, I was a flameLove is a losing gameFive sầu story fire as you cameLove is a losing gameOne I wish I never playedOh, what a mess we madeAnd now the final frameLove sầu is a losing gamePlayed out by the bandLove is a losing handMore than I could standLove is a losing handSelf-professed, profound'Til the chips were downThough you're a gambling manLove is a losing handThough I battle blindLove sầu is a fate resignedMemories mar my mindLove sầu is a fate resignedOver futile oddsAnd laughed at by the godsAnd now the final frameLove is a losing game
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In the haunting ballad “Love Is a Losing Game,” Winehouse reflects over her painful moments of loneliness và confusion, as well as her inability lớn rewrite history và change how her relationship ended. Despite the song’s raw reflection on her love sầu, she prefaced a 2006 live sầu performance of the tuy vậy by saying:

This is my favourite tuy nhiên from the new album. I always get a little teary when I play it.

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Following her sudden split with Blake Fielder-Civil, Winehouse took a vacation to lớn Spain with her family & purchased a guitar from a local vendor, which is what sparked the writing of “Love sầu Is a Losing Game.”

The whole tuy nhiên, comprised of three verses that each contain slightly varying quatrains, is an extended metaphor, with allusions to love being some sort of unfair game closing each verse.

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While Winehouse has often been considered one of the best songwriters of her time, “Love Is a Losing Game” specifically has garnered attention for its simplistic, yet powerfully deep lyrics. In 2008, two years after the song’s release, the University of Cambridge included the second and third verses on a practical criticism exam for their English students.

In celebration of the 13 year anniversary of the song’s release as the fifth & final single off Bachồng khổng lồ Black, the Amy Winehouse Foundation released an official animated lyric đoạn phim on December 10, 2020.