Sam smith's soaring cover of "love is a losing game"

As far as British soul sensations are concerned, Sam Smith is the current king of the game. But let’s be perfectly honest here for a second, without the woozy and wonderful voice of Amy Winehouse, the door for Smith, Adele and the thirty other singers và songwriters to lớn surface from across the pond in the years since her passing, would simply never have been open, would never have even been cracked for them to lớn slip through.

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Which is not lớn take anything away from him or the rest of them, but you have to admit, we would have never had our ears fixed on London if it weren’t for the modern soul queen and her jazzy arrangements breaking that ground.

Perhaps Smith knows this better than all of us, as he recently took to Annie Mac’s đài truyền hình bbc Radio 1 program lớn premiere a beautiful cover of Winehouse’s brilliant ballad “Love Is A Losing Game,” accompanied by a lone piano và the faintest touches of string arrangements as he stretches out and stakes his claim to lớn the throne. I’d still take Amy’s version on any day, but this thing goes, comes & goes again, leaving no heart string untouched, no eye without a tear. You can hear Sam Smith’s absolutely gorgeous take on the Amy Winehouse classic below, but if you’re looking to lớn take it trang chủ with you, just hold tight, as his freshly-repackaged In The Lonely Hour LP drops at midnight tonight. Pre-order it on iTunes today.