One of my favorite things to lớn discover when playing a new trò chơi is learning the hidden strategies that emerge from repeat plays. I recently had this experience while playing Lucky Numbers. On the surface, Lucky Numbers looks khổng lồ be mostly luck driven as you draw numbers as you race to fill the 16 spaces on your board first.

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But after multiple plays, we discovered that Lucky Number is a surprisingly strategic spatial number puzzle.

How vì chưng You Play?

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In Lucky Numbers you’ll draw và play number tiles onto your board. The first player lớn fill all 16 slots on their board is the winner.

Each player begins with four tiles on their board.

On their turn, players can draw either a face-down or face-up number tile to địa chỉ to their board as long as they can follow the placement rules. Each row & column must be filled with numbers that ascend in order from left khổng lồ right/top lớn bottom with no repeats.

If you draw a tile you can’t place or decide to lớn swap out a previously placed number, you return the number tile face up to the general supply. That number can then be picked up on another players’ turn.

The trò chơi continues until a player has filled in all 16 spaces on their board và wins.


What bởi vì We Think of Lucky Numbers?

Lucky Numbers has a very underwhelming appearance at first glance. While that may seem like a negative, it’s actually a plus. Lucky Numbers doesn’t need an overelaborate production with a pasted-on-theme to lớn inflate the cost & distract from what it is: a fun puzzle game with elements of luck.

So, just how much luck is in Lucky Numbers? There is a lot of luck, but it is a trò chơi where you also make your own luck by wisely placing tiles on your board to increase your chances for success or by seeing what numbers you know other players can’t place and leaving spaces available for you khổng lồ scoop up their unplaced tiles. 

For being a puzzle game, it is still easy lớn introduce lớn kids or casual games since it is easy lớn learn & play. Turns move quickly, & while thinking is required, it is easy lớn hold a conversation while playing.

We’ve successfully introduced this game to people who love sudoku since they nói qua those spatial number puzzle elements but are generally not interested in board games.

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Solo Players are in Luck!

The trò chơi comes with a special booklet with 40 puzzles for solo play as a bonus. Each challenge puzzle players must move pieces khổng lồ assemble a valid end game board state. The game provides a goal number of moves you can complete the puzzle khổng lồ know if you did it in the most efficient way possible.

Playing the puzzle doesn’t feel like you are playing the game, but it is a welcome addition & adds extra value khổng lồ the game.



Lucky Numbers is an enjoyable puzzle trò chơi that is fun to play và a pleasant addition to lớn your collection if you enjoy light puzzles. If you want to try it out online, there is a wonderful implementation on Board game Arena, which I highly recommend you try out.

For now, we are keeping Lucky Numbers in our collection since it is a fun way for our kids lớn learn about numbers and probability.

Bring home a copy of Lucky Numbers for your family.

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Game Info:Title: Lucky NumbersPlayers: 1-4 Players | Ages 8+Designer: Michael SchachtArtist: Christine Alcounffe, Walter PepperlePublisher: Luma Import

Special thanks khổng lồ our friends at Luma Imports for sending a copy of Lucky Numbers for review.As always our thoughts và opinions are our own.

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