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Angry Birds 2
Menu, Unlimited Money, Energy
Android 4.1
July 31, 2021 (2 weeks ago )


Infinite energy (no waste when used);After starting the game, cliông chồng the circle button on the top left khổng lồ open the mod menu, in which you cangenerate endless diamonds and pearls (they can be banned from active sầu use)


Menu MODUnlimited EnergyUnlimited Money


Unlimited MoneyUsing this MOD you can be banned!

Angry Birds 2 Mod is an upgraded version of the legendary Angry Birds associated with the childhood of many people. In this version, the game is constantly updated with seasonal events và has more attractive new gameplay styles waiting for you. Following the story of the birds that were stolen eggs by pigs, the player’s task will be to lớn accompany the birds lớn destroy, destroy the lair of the other evil pigs to bring the eggs back to lớn the nest. This time on the way to rescue the birds và eggs, players will have lớn collect keys khổng lồ be able to complete the mission.

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Download Angry Birds 2 Mod – Destroy the Base of the Pigs

Hack Angry Birds 2 is much improved and developed by publisher Rovio in terms of graphics và gameplay. Unlike in the previous version, now players will not have lớn wait to lớn shoot the birds one by one. Instead, you can sumtháng Matilda with a rain of destructive sầu bombs or sumtháng Chuông chồng with precise attacks that terrify enemies. Besides the talented birds, the player will be able to use very svào firepower that acts as a tư vấn, so when encountering cunning bosses, it will be an effective assistant for you in defeating the enemy. When in battle, one can use magic to shoot red peppers or high ducks và it will explode, causing chaos for the enemy.


Understand the skills of each bird

How to play Angry Birds 2 Mod is quite simple, when entering the battle, the task is khổng lồ destroy the cunning pigs. Players will select the birds in the lower-left corner of the screen khổng lồ raise the slingshot lớn shoot, then use their fingers to lớn pull the string bachồng khổng lồ align the direction và force of the shot và then lift their fingers off the screen. To use the skill of the bird you shoot, the player can clichồng on the screen at the location of the bird to lớn let the skill take effect. In addition, to lớn increase the winning rate, players need to lớn understvà the skills of each type of bird. For example, the red mad bird has the skill to scream loudly lớn create a large whirlwind, the triangle yellow bird has the ability lớn clone to form 3 birds that crash into the opponent, Terence is considered the big brother of birds with a large body big it will crush everything…

Upgrade for the birds

In addition khổng lồ the dramatic and fiery battles of the birds & pigs, the player can collect feathers that are used lớn nâng cấp the birds with more fighting power. In addition lớn increasing the ability khổng lồ attack large areas and highlight the birds, Angry Birds 2 Mod allows players lớn equip helmets, eyepatches and bring other accessories khổng lồ create their own style. for your birds.


Complete daily quests

Every day Angry Birds 2 Mod will have sầu tasks for players to lớn complete and take place continuously, after completing will receive sầu an amount corresponding khổng lồ the difficulty of the task that the system offers. In addition, Angry Birds 2 Mod will have sầu two game modes including Tower of Fortune and online play. For online play, players will be able to make friends, exchange, và compete together through matches, from which lớn become respected you will have khổng lồ practice good skills so that your name is entered on the leaderboard. class.

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Try khổng lồ pass the màn chơi lớn get 3 stars

There is a very impressive feature of Angry Birds 2 Mod is the number of levels up to lớn more than 1600 levels. With each stage after completing, based on the results in the match, it will be calculated by stars, up khổng lồ a maximum of 3 stars per screen, then the player will have lớn work hard to lớn complete the screen in the faschạy thử time lớn earn a lot. money. Imagine being able khổng lồ get 3 stars in all levels of Angry Birds 2 Mod will be a huge challenge for players, in addition, after each màn chơi has passed, the difficulty will increase gradually.


3 chiều graphic design

Angry Birds 2 Mod has attractive gameplay that creates an interesting feeling for participants. The game is designed with 3D graphics with brighter colors than the old Angry Birds version, which players can notice from the first time they enter the game. In addition, the game interface is also newly developed, along with sharp effects that can be seen through bomb explosions, lighting, sunny weather, etc. The developer has meticulously elaborated lớn every detail, If you pay attention, you will see that the faces of the birds và the pigs all have sầu expressions suitable for the context when taking place in the match. For example, an angry face when a herd of pigs steals eggs or a scared expression when being attacked fiercely.

When downloading the Mod version of the game Angry Birds 2 Mod, players will experience the unlimited money feature when you can freely shop và nâng cấp your birds to become more hegemony. The game is highly entertaining khổng lồ help players have relaxing moments when participating in the war of birds và pigs. Download Angry Birds 2 Mod to experience & help the birds get their eggs baông chồng.