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Cliông chồng the “Install Game” button to initiate the file download and get compact download launcher. Locate the executable tệp tin in your local folder and begin the launcher khổng lồ install your desired game.

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a game byEurocom, và Sony Computer EntertainmentGenre:ActionPlatforms:

Nintenbởi vì 64, GameBoy Color, Playstation, PSX, GameGear, GameBoy Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 6 Reviews User Rating: 7.2/10 – 114 votes Rate this game:


The famed vineswinger swings onlớn the Game Boy – và promptly splats right inkhổng lồ a tree. There could”ve sầu been tons of tropical fun in this concept, but weak controls nip it in the bud.

Crossing a Mine Line

Through six big levels, Tarzan must beat the cloông xã as he searches for different items và battles a variety of jungle critters. Poachers, traps, & a fire further impede his exploration.

Although Tarzan”s an action/adventure game, its pace is slow, requiring maze solving rather than heated combat. Unfortunately, the mazes become redundant, và with no passwords, you”ll replay them often.

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Even worse, the inaccurate controls often prevent you from jumping through the trees or reaching vines, forcing you khổng lồ backtrachồng way too much. Tarzan can easily defend himself with his primitive sầu weapons, but when he”s on the move, get ready to crash.

Leaf Me Out

The average graphics serve sầu up lots of small sprites and undefined backgrounds. Tarzan is more cartoony than the fierce box illustration suggests, & his world isn”t nearly as dense with foliage.

The bl& sounds add to lớn the mediocrity. Some music, some typical sound effects, but you sure don”t feel lượt thích you”re in a jungle setting.

Tarzan”s not bad, but it certainly doesn”t rank as a thrilling game. It demands way too much patient replaying for the average fun it offers.


Do your swingin” from the bottom of the vine. As you search tunnels for hidden flowers in Level One, watch out for breakaway bridges. Don”t jump inkhổng lồ the Witch Doctor”s lair until you”ve sầu found all the flowers. reggie posted a review