‎dead trigger 2: zombie games on the app store

It’s time for you to rise up & fight for your survival in a zombie apocalypse in this heart-stopping first person shooter adventure!





Dead Trigger 2 is a Zombie fighting và Zombie Killing game where you team up khổng lồ save the world. Awesome 3 chiều graphics & all sorts of zombies in FPS shooting style bring this game lớn life. The game includes over 600 gameplay scenartiện ích ios across 10 global regions. Along with the storyline gaming mode, Dead Trigger 2 also has global tournaments to compete in.

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You’ll get to lớn operate a turret from a helicopter, fight a giant super-zombie (which they điện thoại tư vấn the Tichảy in the game), & unlock new support characters. Each character will play its own role such as a Medic will make your pain killers và tech will solve all the machine issues.

Shooting Zombies in Dead Trigger 2

DEAD TRIGGER 2 has a lot of weapons options. While you have the traditional handguns, assault rifles, and other big guns. Dead Trigger 2 also has a variety of non-traditional weapons to lớn try out. These non-traditional weapons include a big hammer, boat motor, grenade chickens, and rocket chickens. These oddball weapons are a nice touch and give the game a little more flavor.

Shooting zombies is the aim of the game while you pick up clues and items along the way. Your guns will automatically fire when you have sầu a zombie lined up in your sights, as long as it is within your current weapon’s effective range.

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The game graphics while playing look really good giving you an immersive sầu Zombie killing experience. And a combination of gorgeous textures and dlặng lighting, you will get a proper feel & aura of the scenario. In DEAD TRIGGER 2, levels are now larger than before, with a greater feeling of expansiveness.

There is also a greater variety of locations khổng lồ shoot zombies in, ranging across two continents. A new side campaign requires you to lớn help in a global effort to lớn reclayên a thành phố from the zombies. The đô thị will have a huge number of zombies, và players around the world will contribute khổng lồ the reclamation efforts by doing missions in that đô thị to lớn kill zombies.

Dead Trigger 2 has an trương mục feature where you create a user trương mục that will let you save sầu your trương mục lớn the cloud. This allows you khổng lồ maintain your gaming progress without losing anything in case you change your phone. To download this game just clichồng on the download button above to lớn start the download. Check out other similar games such as Dead Target & Dead Effect 2.