Tải Game League Of Stickman (Mod Vô Hạn Tiền) 6

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League of Stickman

Unlimited Money
Android 4.1
May 13, 2021 (4 months ago)

With the MOD version (Unlimited Money) of League of Stickman, you will be miễn phí to fight, buy and upgrade your character without hesitation!

Table of contentsIntroducing League of StickmanMOD APK version of League of Stickman

Introducing League of Stickman

League of Legends may have become no stranger lớn gamers. Interesting gameplay, attractive, upholding players’ tactics & skills. This game is seen as a turning point for changing MOBA’s fortunes in e-sports field. So have sầu you ever thought of those characters with their skills in League of Legends, transformed inlớn a horizontal screen game on mobile? Is it worth a try? Based on these criteria, I will introduce you khổng lồ an extremely interesting game from the publisher DreamSky, the game called League of Stickman.

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League of Stickman và League of Legends

If you say League of Stickman is a clone game of League of Legends, it is not true. In fact, the gameplay of these two games is completely different. If LOL has MOBA gameplay và is played on the computer, this game is a fighting game on the horizontal screen of the smartphone. The only similarity between these two games is that the character is inspired by LOL. This is not really bad but also brings many positive sầu things. Accordingly, players who are familiar with League of Legends will feel familiar when they meet their favourite characters in an attractive RPG. Do you want to lớn try Yasuo with the stickman version? Choose Samurai.



As mentioned, League of Stickman follows the rules of role-playing games on horizontal screens. You play as stickman heroes who participate in intense battles. What’s interesting about League of Stickman compared to lớn the rest is that the characters participating in the battle not only move và attaông xã. Instead, each character has 4 distinct skills, interacting with the gameplay you ayên ổn for. This makes the game’s difficulty more advanced, và wars are also more intense.


Besides, League of Stickman has many diverse combat features, satisfying players’ needs in the development process. Double-Hits, Levitation & Deadly Combos are arenas that will help you fight with people all over the world or with them lớn conquer challenges.

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League of Stickman is really a lot of heroes with different skills and powers. However, you will not be able to own all of them as soon as you start but must unloông chồng them gradually. The truth is that heroes are in the store & you can buy with money or gems depending on the hero’s power. With stronger heroes, more powerful skills, more stars are more expensive sầu.


You can make money by conquering dungeons or many other activities. As for the heroes with higher stars, players must use gems lớn own them. So how khổng lồ earn gems? Naturally, gems will be harder khổng lồ find than gold, but you can collect them through watching advertisements or doing missions.

Ranking mode

A very interesting thing that League of Stickman brings is the feature of ranking your power. You can compete with everyone on your friover các mục, your country, and the world. Prove sầu you’re the best warrior!


League of Stickman has a beautiful 2D graphics platform, high image chất lượng. Besides, a rich amount of characters và lively sound effects, diverse và spectacular skills are the plus points that can not be ignored. The heroes are inspired by League of Legends but are very much created in both images và skills, simulated by 2D-style graphics. You can meet your favourite characters lượt thích Garen, Yasuo, Riven in a chất lượng & new style.


MOD APK version of League of Stickman

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: If you find it too hard to lớn earn gems, you can buy with your real money. Or the simplest way, using our League of Stickman MOD APK. You can buy any character you lượt thích. The money will increase when you use.

Download League of Stickman MOD APK for Android

If you are looking for a top-notch fighting game with intense combat, League of Stickman is exactly what you need. Join the battle with the forces of darkness và protect the world. A lot of precious rewards are waiting for you in this game. Do not miss!