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Play Together
HAEGIN Co., Ltd.
Fast Fishing, Show Fish
Android 6.0Network required

A lot of fun awaits you in Play Together thủ thuật APK, a miniature playground for you & everyone. Download the game và join now!

Introduce about Play TogetherMOD app android version of Play Together

Introduce about Play Together

Play Together is a casual game released on December 30, 2020, by the quảng cáo trên internet Haegin. Although it has only been over 1 month since its release, the trò chơi has been downloaded by more than 50 thousand downloads on Google Play along with a rating 4.5/5 stars. With such a successful start, the trò chơi promises lớn cause an explosion in the near future.

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Feel không tính tiền to choose your own character

Coming to the world of Play Together, you can unleash your own character creation. At the beginning of the game, you will be given everything you want for the character, from gender, hairstyle khổng lồ skin color, emotions… You can completely create your own character in personal style.


Not only with your friends, but you can also make friends & chat with other players around the world. The interface of the game always has a chat bar below to lớn help you talk more easily with other characters while together.

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Build your world

Are your friends offline and you have to play alone? It’s okay because you can do so many cool things on your own. Please bởi vì quests lớn earn more money. Just working hard, you will soon have enough money lớn buy yourself the things you want.

Buy a oto to hang out with friends. Choose the oto you lượt thích best, from luxury convertibles lớn vintage old fashioned cars. Besides that, you can also buy adorable & cute pets khổng lồ take care of. The trò chơi now has more than 27 types of pets for you to take care of such as dogs, cats, và birds. Take care of your pet by feeding it & taking it for a walk every day. Not only that, but the pets are also very smart, you can teach them different requirements lượt thích “sit down”, “dance”…


Not only bởi you earn money from completing quests, you can also make extra money from enrolling in the in-game school. Here, you can choose to lớn be anyone like a new student, teacher, or even the principal. If you choose to be a student, learning will not be boring at all when the subjects will be taught in the form of fun and humorous mini-games.


The graphics of Play Together are great when using extremely cute and cute 3d animation images. The context in the trò chơi is also done very meticulously and authentically, recreating a bustling, fun shopping center in real life.

Download Play Together APK & MOD for Android

Play Together is the perfect game if you are looking for a casual game. The game opens up a world of mini games, allowing you to play with friends through the internet. Please download and enjoy the game now!