Tabletop game / the end of the world

The kết thúc of the World is a 2d 'exploration' game where you play a man who's just through a rough breakup. For him, the world has samseinfo.comded and through his memories you'll explore certain details about his relationship.The controls in The samseinfo.comd of the World are practically beside the point. Tapping the left or right side of the makes your character walk in that direction, which is how you'll explore all the beautiful settings in the game. & if you tap one the clocks you see on the from time lớn time, you can relive some past momsamseinfo.comts. At no time can you directly read your character's story or get access to unnecessary information about him or his ex. Instead, you have khổng lồ interpret what you see as you go. Some details will seem obvious, others not so much. That's the cool thing about the game. The kết thúc of the World is a really interesting interactive experisamseinfo.comce. It's not your typical đoạn phim game, and thus doesn't offer a particularly fun gameplay. However, it does pressamseinfo.comt an original và lovely concept that some players will love và others simply won't. Và there's nothing wrong with that.

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Reviewed by Andrés López Translated by Sarah


Requires app android 2.3.3 or higher

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