The legend of korra

A nice but brief romp with Korra and Naga

One of the biggest surprises of 2014 had to lớn be the announcement of aLegend of Korragame, published by Activision & developed by Platinum Games. Yes, that Platinum Games — the current master of kích hoạt titles.

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It’s only been a few months since the reveal of said Korragame, & already it’s out on just about every platform imaginable outside of the Wii U. While the core result is indicative of Platinum’s seal of quality, it feels rushed in many ways.


The Legend of Korra(PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One )Developer: Platinum GamesPublisher: ActivisionReleased: October 21, 2014 (PC, PS3, PS4) / October 22 (Xbox 360, Xbox One)MSRP: $14.99

For those of you who don’t follow the Avatar/Korracartoons, here’s a quick refresher on what khổng lồ expect. In the realm that Korra inhabits, there are four bộ vi xử lý core elements: earth, air, fire, và water. Through rigorous training, benders can master any one of these, but the “Avatar,” a living god-like entity who is reincarnated over time, can master all of them. Korra is one such Avatar.

The trò chơi picks up in a strange spot having explained almost none of her backstory (outside of the aforementioned Avatar setup), & you’re dropped into the action in Republic Cityright away. This is both a good và bad thing, depending on what you want out of Korra, as the story và any sort of real narrative takes a backseat throughout the adventure.

Cartoon cutscenes are spliced in throughout, but they often last 30 seconds at most và serve as nothing more than quick, jarring transitions to lớn the next area. The story plays out like a basic episode of the show. This time, the gimmick is that an evil seer has stripped Korra of her powers, & you’ll have to lớn earn each element back level by level. Every bending style has its own màn chơi system & sense of progression, and by the over you’ll have everything at your disposal.

Korra herself is a cool character, and tends lớn take a more hot-headed approach than Aang, the protagonist of the original Avatarseries. She also has a pretty awesome friend in the form of Naga, a giant polar bear thing that you can ride during specific Temple Run-like sequences. Since the story bits are so short, you don’t get to lớn see a lot of Korra’s personality, though.

Like any Platinum game, the devil is in the chơi game details. You’ll have light và heavy combos at your employ, as well as the power lớn use each element in tandem with one another — water serves as a projectile of sorts, fire allows for quick melee blows, earth is slow but powerful, and air is more of an area-of-effect element. Korra can guard & counter (when guard is pressed at the right moment) for extra protection, as well as dodge when needed.

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All of this plays out lượt thích a “light” version of Platinum’s previous games. Combos aren’t as deep as the rest of the studio’s kích hoạt catalog, & while everything is rather smooth, you can often rely on the same few moves to lớn earn success. It works as advertised though, and the game’s visuals perfectly complement the smooth engine — it really looks lượt thích the show. The trò chơi also tends to ngân hàng far too heavily on counters, which wouldn’t be a bad thing if they weren’t so finicky.


For one quái thú in particular, anything outside of counters will vì chưng a pitiful amount of cpu damage. The only problem is he randomly queues up some non-counterable attacks (lightning-themed abilities cannot be countered in general), & sometimes it can take a few minutes to lớn get the “right” randomly generated counter move. It’s not a huge khuyến mãi considering these encounters only come around every so often.

Each chapter is broken up by small hub worlds, which are connected khổng lồ challenge rooms of sorts, putting up barriers lớn block your escape. There’s not a lotof exploration — mainly short hallways lớn locate elemental chests khổng lồ break (some of which force you to replay levels with new powers). There’s a small amount of platforming lớn master but not as much as I would have liked. Moderation is a recurring theme in Korra in that nothing is too frustrating, but nothing is too exciting, either.

As you play you’ll earn spirit energy, a form of currency used lớn buy health items and talismans from the shop. You won’t need any of these items though, as normal mode is fairly straightforward in nature. Sadly, you’ll have lớn complete the trò chơi on normal first before you unlock the Extreme difficulty. I get that it’s a show aimed at younger audiences, but it would have been great lớn have the option khổng lồ start there if you’re a Platinum fan seeking a challenge.


If you’re keen on replaying the game there are a ton of unlocks, especially if you go back và try to find every elemental chest. There are also new costumes, including one for completing Extreme. One playthrough will last you around four hours over the game’s eight chapters, và there’s a “Pro-Bending” league lớn play afterwards with different rankings — these are basically small arena-like encounters with special rules.

At the end of the day, I wish The Legend of Korrawas a fully-featured retail release. While Platinum has done a great job in terms of delivering a solid action romp, the jarring cutscenes & open-and-shut story leave little in terms of trả lời value. Avatarand Korrafans will likely rejoice at the fact that they’re finally getting a decent game.