The Wildling giant sacrificed his life in this week"s trò chơi of Thrones khổng lồ defeat evil Ramsay Bolton"s hordes.

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But who is the man behind the monster? "Wun Wun" - as he"s affectionally known - has been played by actor Ian Whyte since season 5"s "Hardhome".

Quite a difference, eh?

Welsh actor and stuntman Whyte might loomover the average man - he"s7ft 1in (2.16m) tall - but it takes a combination of prostheticsand computer effects to transform hyên inlớn the towering Wun Wun.

And if you think you recognise Whyte sans make-up, that"s because he previously played another major role on GoT.

Baông chồng in season two, he starred asGregorClegane, stepping in forConan Stevens, who"d firstportrayed the terrifying brute.

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Whyte later handed the mantle of The Mountain over toHafþór Júlíus Björnsson - now the longest-serving Ser Gregor, with10 episodes khổng lồ his name.

Whyte"s also appeared onGame of Thrones- again, completely unrecognisable - as a White Walker, while his credits outside of HBO"s fantasy hit includeplaying the Predators in 2004"sAlien vsPredator và its 2007 sequel, and appearing asone of the "Engineer"aliensin 2012"sPrometheus.

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